Guns In Campus Parking Lots: Moms Demand Freak Out

Moms demand guns in campus parking

In a ruling that could have statewide consequences, the 1st District Court of Appeal has ruled the University of North Florida cannot prohibit guns from being kept in cars parked on campus.

The university had banned the storage of any “weapon or destructive device” on college grounds and said any student who violated the rule could face discipline up to suspension or expulsion.

The gun-rights group Florida Carry Inc. and UNF student Alexandria Lainez sued arguing the university didn’t have the right under Florida law to ban firearms because the state Constitution gives that power to the state Legislature…..

…….Circuit Judge L. Page Haddock agreed with the university and threw out the lawsuit. He also denied a request for a temporary injunction that would have allowed Lainez to bring the gun onto campus while the issue was argued in court.

In his ruling Haddock found that the law allowing schools to prohibit guns on campus applied to universities and all other schools.

But the appeals court, in a 12-3 majority ruling written by Justice L. Clayton Roberts, disagreed.

The law grants school districts, not colleges or universities, the right to prohibit firearms, Roberts said.

I don’t know what other implications it may have other than being applied to other locales of higher learning, but it was a sweet case and sweet victory for students, Floridians  and Florida Carry.
PS: The comment made on the Moms Demand Fl. might disappear soon  enough as it will be considered “abusive trolling and a threatening message.”

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  1. Welcome to the party!

    The Oregon Supreme Court made a similar ruling some years back, except that our state pre-emption statute does not grant authority to school districts, so the decision applies to ALL public schools, including K-12. (Private schools at any grade level are still private property.)


  2. I’m amazed the comment lasted 2hours at least. I asked a question, and yes I was polite about it, and was immediately barred/banned from the page.

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