6 Replies to “If today anybody asks What Would Jesus Do…..”

  1. Wait ’til you see what He does when He comes back in power and glory at the end of the Tribulation! He speaks, and people rupture, bleed out and die! He slays His enemies with his words!

    1. Which of the Apostles was it that said that if the skies were parchment and the oceans were ink, we would still not be able to record all of the miracles and actions and teachings of Jesus? Which makes one wonder…of the stories that ARE recorded about Him (water into wine…the good stuff, not cheap or watered down; flipping tables and whipping ijits; telling His disciples to go buy swords; chastising Peter not for cutting off Some Dude’s ear, but for interfering with God’s Plan; etc etc), what were some of the things He did that DIDN’T get recorded? Hmmm…methinks that He packed a sling with a couple of reloads!

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