Once more: We are the New Negroes.

Just before the event started, Haldeman was chatting in the church vestibule when her eyes narrowed. She dashed in front of a dark haired, clean-cut man.

“Sean, you are not welcome here,” she said. “Please leave the premises.”

The man, Sean Sorrentino, left quietly. A gun-rights activist, Sorrentino recently posted on his blog a picture of Mothers Demand Action members gathered in front of a church.

The caption: “Congratulations, you’ve had a child. How does having sex without birth control qualify you to infringe on our rights?”

via DURHAM: Gun control advocates mark Sandy Hook anniversary | Crime | NewsObserver.com.

Can you imagine us holding an open meeting somewhere in public and then and telling a member of the Opposition that they are not welcome? The cries of bigotry/racism/intolerance  would be so loud, they would reach prime time major news broadcast.

 Or what if the NRA would take umbrage at the fact that Gun Control Advocates would peddle their message in front of its headquarters and called the cops on them? Pitchforks and torches from every political pundit would be shaking the airwaves for weeks.

protest easy guns NRA Sandy Hook
Protest Easy Guns at NRA HQ yesterday. I guess nobody told them they were closed for the weekend.

But that is the idea behind “Let’s have a conversation about guns.” They get to talk and we get to stay silent…or so they wish we do.  We are accused of having an unlimited pool of money but we don’t (I do wish we had the equivalent of the Joyce Foundation or a Michael Bloomberg to help me pay for the expenses of this blog.)  They not only get monies but basically free time on TV under the guise of news and usually very favorable puff pieces. On the other hand, we are always portrayed as rednecks without education with the desire of mow down anybody who dare contradict us.

And still, we win…. and they hate us so much for that.

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    1. Exactly, they want, no – strike that, they DEMAND that we remain silent. Like the typical liberal idea of a compromise – shut up, sit down and do what we tell you to do.

  1. I’m waiting on the other video, but I have two video interviews from that event. For 3 hours work, I got to derail their agenda.

    I have a question for the Catholic Church. When did Kaaren Haldeman get put in charge of who was welcome inside the church sanctuary?

    I was not there to cause a disturbance. A gentleman does not cause a disturbance inside a church of any denomination. I didn’t leave because she had the authority to trespass me off. I left because I was enough of a gentleman not to allow her to use me to justify her making a disturbance.

  2. And Sean Sorrentino is Martin Luther King, Jr., I suppose.

    Look, I’m going to call it the way I see it. We’re strong. We’re right. And we have the guns. There’s no need to pretend like we’re the oppressed or downtrodden. We have millions on our side and to pretend otherwise is, quite frankly, silly and gives the other side ammo to make fun of us.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. Semper Fi.

    1. You’re going to call for us to shut up, sit down, and stay out of politics? How does that make sense?

      Stop believing what the MSM and the gun-banners (but I repeat myself) tell you to believe. We need to use the MSM to get out our message. By showing up I made them cover us.

  3. I just sent this email. Blame Sean for making me mad 🙂

    Rev. Raymond J. Donaldson, S.J.

    Dear Sir:
    I was dismayed to see that your Church was used for a political event under the guise of commemorating the anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary by the auspices of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

    Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a political-action group founded by Shannon Watts, a Democratic strategist and Public Relations expert and any activity this group supports will be tainted with that political tone.

    But what I found out even more disturbing is that Kaaren Haldeman, State Lead North Carolina Chapter at Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America actually prohibited Sean Sorrentino, a gun rights activist from being inside the church and asked him to leave. Mr. Sorrentino was not confrontational or behaved in any misguided fashion but was respectful at all times and left.

    This is not what Our Holy Church is about. The House of God is open to all and not restricted to some who sport a particular faith, view or political stance. Have we gone from the Holy Church that offered Sanctuary to all that needed it to Membership Limited to those of the proper political shade?

    I leave you with a quote from Pope John Paul II:

    “You are priests, not social or political leaders. Let us not be under the illusion that we are serving the Gospel through an exaggerated interest in the wide field of temporal problems.”

    Miguel Gonzalez
    Miami, Florida

      1. Don’t forget that the right to self-defense and the defense of others is considered essential by Catholic doctrine. These women are protesting for the abrogation of church doctrine…

    1. Also an interesting angle would be, I assume Sean is Catholic, but what about the members of Moms?

      Seems most of the anti-gun people in the lobby are either anti-religion, Protestant, or Episcopal.

      Just shooting from the hip here.

      1. I am not Catholic. I am a non-denominational Christian. My father was raised Catholic, so that makes me culturally Catholic. If I feel the need to go to church, it’s to a Catholic church I would go. I’ve spent several nice Midnight Masses in Catholic churches. I was very lucky to attend one the month before I deployed to the first Gulf War.

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