Irony: Moms Demand On The Arapahoe High School Shooting.

Moms Deamnd ArapahoAMERICA IS BETTER THAN THIS: The gunman who shot a 17-year-old student in the head at a high school outside of Denver last week legally purchased a shotgun. Colorado law allows 18-year-olds to buy shotguns and other rifles, but you must be 21 to purchase a handgun. It would have been more difficult for the gunman to purchase Sudafed than it was for him to buy bullets on his way to school that morning:

The gun lobby is working in state legislatures across the country to LOWER the legal age to buy guns. State legislative sessions start soon – join us and make a difference for your community:

So the crowning jewel of the 2013 Gun Control Fight that is supposed to be Colorado actually sucks? All them new laws that were guaranteed to stop all gun misdeeds (No More Auroras! No More Columbines!) actually failed? (insert shocked face here.)

And, a rampage shooter got stopped by…. wait for it….. a Good Guy with a Gun? There was a gun inside a school? ZOMG!

But it gets better, the shooter is on the political side of the Democrat Operative and Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts:

Moms Deamnd Arapaho 2

Why are Gun Control Activists so violent? I guess if Shannon Watts had another kid, he would look like Karl Pierson.

Karl PiersonThe irony…..

If the link to the Denver Post article that includes Pierson’s political quotes were to be ..ahem… misplaced, I saved a copy in PDF. It looks crappy but better than memory.

7 Replies to “Irony: Moms Demand On The Arapahoe High School Shooting.”

  1. In midst of their fake outrage, they missed an opportunity to take credit for having only one death. Watts is losing her edge. She could have proclaimed that because of the mag ban, that’s still in effect, the shooter settled on a biden approved shotty and because he didn’t have an AR-Glock 47 ebil black gun, he probably felt he was outgunned and offed himself. Of course, she would have been slapped around with the truth (Navy Yard). Still, she could have falsely claimed this as a victory.

    Of course, well all know how these school shootings end. When confronted by a good guy with a gun, the shooter takes his own life.

    Also, since the law was passed that required a person must present an ID to purchase Sudafed, meth production has gone up.

  2. I want to know more about the student who heroically confronted him and was in critical condition in the hospital. Why don’t we hear more about that kid? THAT’S the kind of behavior we want to encourage. No, instead it’s the bad guy being made a celebrity, all over again.

  3. @Volfram:
    I also want to hear more about the teacher against whom the “gunman” held the grudge. According to the principal, he left the building in an attempt to lure the shooter away. I’m not sure if that’s true or not; he DID leave the building, but I’m not 100% clear why. We’ll probably never know, because the “gunman” is getting all the attention.

    A bit more info on the school resource officer who was on-site and responded quickly would be nice, too. THAT, of course, will never be published in the MSM; it’s too close to Wayne LaPierre’s post-Newtown message.

    1. I was curious about the librarian who confronted the guy (shotguns are not easily concealable, as far as I know) and then ran away. How far did (s)he have to run before (s)he felt safe enough to whip out the cellphone and either call 9-1-1 or call the effin’ office to get the SRO mobilized?!?

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