Moms Demand: Thank You for Supporting Stand Your Ground

I keep saying, for a group founded by a PR expert, a lot of times they step on their fake stay-at-home-mom aprons really bad.

Moms Demand SYGMoms keep complaining about Stand Your Ground laws and how we should instead go to Duty to Retreat which is nothing more than the silly concept that you can outrun a bullet.

This is turning out to be a week full with irony on the Gun Control side…and it is only Tuesday.

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    1. “If a student planning to come to school with a gun doesn’t know when these dogs will show up, maybe they will think twice before bringing the gun.”

      That will only discourage the kind of student who would leave the gun in his bag and not go on a shooting spree. The kind of students you actually need to stop don’t care whether there’s a dog on campus or not, they’ll already have the gun out when they show up!

  1. What does ‘gun’ smell like?!?

    Are they cluing in on Hoppes #9 or oil or Breakfree? How do you train a dog to distinguish between Ed’s Red and 3-in-1 oil??

    The smell of nitrocellulose?

    Or is this just the standard false-flag, ‘power of suggestion’, misinformation-to-ensure-complience game??

    I had a KSC security guard tell me once that they ran the dogs in the parking lots sniffing for ammo in cars. I called BS on that one.

    1. They suggested it was the iron, brass, and nitrocellulose(which if your ammunition smells like nitrocellulose, it’s probably not safe to shoot), but I suspect power of suggestion has a lot to do with it.

      My guns smell minty.

    1. That’s the real issue for me, is that, for example, drug-sniffing dogs are trained to do 2 things.

      1: locate cocaine
      2: register a false positive on-command.

      And the 2nd task is the one they’re most often called to do.

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