CSGV: Confiscation? What Confiscation? You must be an Insurrectionist!

CSGV no ConfiscationThe Pro-Indian-Killers at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence are a funny bunch.

1) No, as far as I know, no NFA-registered weapons have been confiscated without cause. Then again the ATF is not composed by the bravest of the Federal Law Enforcement and trying to pull a fast one on somebody armed with machine guns and knows how to use them is not something they look forward to do.

2) True. And we like to keep it that way, even against your holy wishes. Than you very much.

3) Yes, we fear laws like NY’s SAFE act that is already confiscating REGISTERED firearms. I guess that makes me an “Insurrecto.” Should I go for the Bandito look? I hate them big Mexican Charro hats as they are uncomfortable as hell.

The Tombstone Bandito by Barbara Manis

OK, this looks cool.

8 Replies to “CSGV: Confiscation? What Confiscation? You must be an Insurrectionist!”

  1. Why am I reminded of “You shouldn’t worry about surveillance if you have nothing to hide?” Oh, maybe because it’s the exact same concept, that is, the idea that government is pure and holy and will do you no wrong.

    1. Even the Liberals understand that the government is flawed, evil, and harmful to society.

      The difference is they’d rather be raped by evil men than risk a good man succeed.

  2. Also to be fair, the NFA is lucrative industry, and many of the items on the registry are “Just cool” or pretty close to items off the registry. (Like AR Pistols, or 14.5″ AR Carbines with permanently affixed muzzle devices)

    If the bullshit that has happened in California, New York, et al happened with the NFA, who would be mailing in their $200 checks?

  3. “without cause” is begging the question. Plenty of items that did not get registered have been confiscated. Remember that the $200 “tax” was the equivalent of $4,000 today in 1934, when $1 a day was a basic laborer’s wage. Consider that even today no one is allowed to simply pay the tax and register a gun that is not already registered.

    Consider all the old Maxim silencers that are “contraband” because of the insane law passed in 1934.

    Claiming that there has been no confiscation is simply false.

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