Moms Demand some Illegal Mayors…the irony continues.


Do I detect some clever way to mask where Mom’s finances are coming from? It has been a year and we are not still sure where they get their funding although we suspect Bloomberg’s has something to do with it.

Some tax paperwork is due soon and let’s finally put that issue to rest. In the meantime, I wonder if all the Moms know they are getting attached to a group that consistently has it members hauled off to prison than even Congress.

I forgot who is keeping track of the arrested mayors. Anybody knows, please share!

Check David Hardy’s site for the records of the Illegal Mayors.

Thank you Weer!

12 Replies to “Moms Demand some Illegal Mayors…the irony continues.”

    1. Well, next time I’m in an argument with an anti-gun nut, I know where to send him.

      “You know what kind of people want to restrict gun ownership? These guys. Conspirators, embezzlers, fraudsters, extortionists, pedophiles.”

  1. It’s been noted before (by Thirdpower, IIRC) that “Moms Demand Action” sounds like a cheesy pr0n title.

    Any name for this new group is likely to be just as bad:
    – Illegal Mayors Demand Moms
    – Moms Demand Action from Illegal Mayors
    – Mayors Demand Action from Illegal Moms
    – Moms Demand Illegal Action from Mayors

    Use your imagination. Or don’t, and just re-arrange the words. (That last one is my personal favorite. 😉 )

  2. My guess is that paymaster Bloomberg saw that MDA had no fundraising ability on its own, and only served to dilute the MAIG brand. Between MAIG, MDA, Brady and Giffords, it becomes harder to keep the lies straight.

    1. I really don’t see the advantage of being associated. Even Shannon Watts has to realize that being associated with MAIG and Bloomberg is idiotic as both names have become toxic. If they think the Colorado recalls have been forgotten, they are truly dumb.
      Or they have to be associated because the financial disclosures might reveal stuff they don’t want?

      Anyways, when your enemy is making a mistake, do not correct him.

      1. As I see it, MDA has a few more people on the ground and a friendlier face than Bloomberg. Plus, Bloomberg is a control freak. Better to absorb the MAIG offspring before a Form 990 exposed MDA’s astroturf roots. Not that it really matters, though.

        The anti-rights fanatics don’t care where the money or the message is coming from. They just know that we’re bad, and we shouldn’t have any guns.

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