Why we carry…. The Animal Rights Version

It is amazing the stuff you get to read in the Interwebs. By accident I bumped into an Animal Rights Activist messages and they are not warm and panda fuzzy.

melissa bachman ARA
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The rest is the info on her available vitals and possible relatives which I am not planning on sharing here.

Here is a photo pf Ms. Bachman and a bear she took.
bachman bear

We see things differently: To the Earth Huggers, this is evidence of murder in the first, enough to make them all mad and utter death threats. To us is “She took that huge thing with bow and arrow? Holy ***! Who would want to mess with that woman?”

Some idiots apparently do want to mess with her. I am sure she is well aware of the threats and has planned accordingly. I am also sure most of the internet Guy Fawkes are just posing, but we also sadly know that there are true crazies out there that take their crazy ways from the basement to Real Life…

…and that is why we carry.

11 Replies to “Why we carry…. The Animal Rights Version”

  1. Do these pie holes ever mention opposition to people being killed? Say chicago gang wars on the south side or babies, I wonder how far they have thought their stand through before they start murdering. Something the pro-life crowd has been told will not be tolerated.

  2. Hunts bears with a bow and looks great doing it. Marcus Bachman is a lucky man.

    Also, whoever wrote that letter is an idiot. Nature is not self-regulating, and in fact a couple of years ago, we had an epidemic of bears coming into the city and raiding garbage cans because fewer permits had been released to hunt them.

    This all on top of all the good duck hunters have done for ducks.

    1. Minor nit pick: the bears coming into the city to forage is nature self-regulating. Food supplies are low, so it’s either eat your food or die. Naturally, they try to survive.

      The bears eating lots of people because of lack of their usual food would be self-regulating, as well as would the bears dying off in big numbers. Predator/prey ratios vary around a nominal value, but sometimes predators starve and sometimes prey does. We manage wildlife because we don’t want cougars or grizzlies picking off our children, or deer eating our food or crops. (I hear they’ve wiped out orchards of cherry tree seedlings in Pennsylvania).

      But to those militant anti-hunters, people have no right to be here and it’s just fine for the animals to kill us. It’s only wrong when we kill them.

      1. “I hear they’ve wiped out orchards of cherry tree seedlings in Pennsylvania”

        In the Albany NY area they are threatening to drive the Karner Blue butterfly into extinction by eating up all of its food plant, but the fuzzy huggers are all upset about killing the deer in a preserve. A preserve to preserve the frickin’ butterfly. We have no particular shortage of deer.

  3. I disagree with the notion that nature is not self-regulating. Rather, we are part of nature, and ought to participate in it.

    Also, it’s absurd to claim that hunting only exists because we do. Why did velociraptors have those sharp claws and teeth, and legs to run quickly–so they could chase down nuts and berries?

    1. ” Why did velociraptors have those sharp claws and teeth, and legs to run quickly–so they could chase down nuts and berries?”

      Nope, the competition to get the best stuff in Applebee’s salad bar is nasty.

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