#GunBullies Reference List: I made the “selektion” list! UPDATED

First I was anointed as “insurrectionist” and now I am in a exclusive list of Gun Control Advocates under the hastag #GunBullies.

A quick search of the Twitter handle @Guitars4Guns and the websites, point us to one Jay Rothschild of Chicago who also own Rockagainstguns.org. Mr. Rothschild appears to be some sort of IT consultant, musician and fan of the “selektion” of undesirables Gun Owners in the Twitterverse.  “Let’s have a conversation about guns….SHUT UP GUN OWNER!” meme is strong and stupid as ever.

Dear Mr. Rothschild, will banning us from Twitter be enough or we will be forced to wear armbands  with geometric figures in real life?  I hear yellow never goes out of fashion for armbands.  I do have an issue with tattoos since I am afraid of needles. Maybe a henna tattoo in the inside of my arm will suffice.

And that is why we will win.


PS : If you have a twitter account, use the “Selektion” list to follow everybody!

UPDATE: Sean Sorrentino just informed that the list is now super-duper secret as Mr. Rothschild made it password accessible only. Ammoland got some screen captures and the list before our beta male locked it.

I guess we have reached the Gun Control Equivalent of the No-Fly List!

17 Replies to “#GunBullies Reference List: I made the “selektion” list! UPDATED”

    1. So… all the lights in the heavens are our enemies now.
      -Boota, Tengen Toppa: Gurren Lagann

      (was going through my quotes file. This one reminded me of where liberty and morality stand on the field of political battle.)

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