Moms Demand Action: Re-assimilated by BloomBorg?

Three new graphic ads, fresh from Moms Twitter & Facebook efforts.

maig Moms

MOms Maig resolve

MOms Maig resolve2

We have long suspected that Moms was never an independent movement but astroturf by the Ant- Gun Monsanto-Mad-Scientist Michael Bloomberg. I still would like to see Moms financials before coming to a full conclusion. Not long ago, Moms Demand announced they were “joining” forces, but this looks like they are surrendering control to Illegal Mayors Against Guns.
Basically the Moms were told to get in the kitchen and make lemonade.

4 Replies to “Moms Demand Action: Re-assimilated by BloomBorg?”

  1. Good luck to them.

    Still I don’t see the point in the images as their movement is nothing but a handful of volunteers who show up to hold signs for an hour twice a year, and a room filled with paid lobbyists to badger lawmakers and write deceitful op eds.

    Who do they think they’re motivating? Do they actually think there a gun control supporters who will now come out of the woodwork?

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