Moms Demand celebrate Gabby Gifford.

They are  all excited over Moms:

MOms Demand Gabby Giffords
I guess that we won’t see Ms. Gifford posing like this any time soon (unless, you know it is politically convenient)

Or her husband either:

Gabby Gifford should be reminded of Cindy Sheehan: Human Props have a short celebrity life span on that side of the aisle. And apparently there is plenty of space also under the Liberal Bus.

2 Replies to “Moms Demand celebrate Gabby Gifford.”

  1. What reform? I’ve had guns & concealed carry permits in N.Y. & Florida. I do not see my fellow law abiding citizens doing these mass murders & crimes in the 40 years that I have carried.The PROBLEM is our legal system that has no way to punish these criminals. A lot of states DO NOT have the death penalty & if & when caught they will go to jail & get 3 meals,collect government checks,work out,get a college education, & health care at the expense of the tax payer.Some punishment for killing honest law abiding citizens Lets have our congressmen & women give up their carry permits,their armed security,& President OBAMA’S ARMED SECURITY for they don’t need it as well as we do not need. Then only the criminals,police,& military will have guns as so the government can put you into FEMA camps like cattle.

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