Just a quick note.

I am taking a little break from the Surfing In Blood series… I think one or two more post simply won’t do it, specially when relating to the monies. Lots of cash flowing in 2012 one private entity to a public one and vice versa.
But since I am not an accountant, I have to decrypt this enchilada.

However, I want to leave you with this clear example on how much grassroot support they really have. Look at the number of alleged active supporters and the number of people who actually gave money.

MAIG Supporters grassroots mayors

Only 0.24%  of the 800K+ “supporters” care enough to send money. Then again it is easy to support something that does not cost you..either monetarily or any other way.

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  1. 800k active members, but only 150k could be bothered to use the webform to send a Congressional letter? I would like to see the numbers for our side, I bet we get a higher participation rate from our active “members”.

    Also, how many fans does the NRA have on FB? I bet it is more that 40k.

  2. Thanks for suffering through this brain drain and heart saddening experience to post us the info.
    Do you know if any of the friendly-to-our-side media outlets are aware of this data? Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Church, Fox News, The Blaze, etc. Do you know if anyone else is digging into this?

    I’d pay real money to see these revelations spin up into an Earth shattering ass-kicking for everyone involved, along with as much public shame that can be mustered.

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