Now you done it…

OK, I get it manager of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Woodbridge VA . You get a better & cheaper insurance coverage if you don’t allow guns in your Restaurant.  That is fine and understandable, but the moment you allowed the Moms Demand sign, you stepped into the political arena.  It is never wise to openly defy or reject potential clients.

Moms Toby Keith


Dumb move….

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  1. We shouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions. Just because MDA says that the manager took their sign doesn’t mean that he actually did. Remember the Staples in Arlington where they claimed the manager agreed to ban guns, and then it turned out that he did no such thing (and couldn’t have if he wanted to)? MDA has no problem lying about such things.

    Based on their track record, it’s at least as likely that the MDA member posted it to the door and took the picture without ever talking to the manager.

    1. I checked with the Bar’s Facebook page and I see no retraction to the sign even though they are being bombarded with negative comments. But if the Staple’s variation happens, I will gladly make the correction.

      1. If you recall, it took a few days for Staples to respond to the situation, too. Has anyone tried simply calling them to inquire about the situation, rather than merely checking their Facebook page (which seems focused more on promoting their business than responding to complaints). Has anyone checked to see if the sign is still up?

        We shouldn’t be quick to crucify people who likely don’t really care one way or the other about the Second Amendment. Immediately thinking the worst of them (especially based on the word of known liars like MDA) can only serve to push them farther away from us, and wholeheartedly in to the arms of our opponents.

        Like you initially said, it’s fine and understandable if they did it to get cheaper insurance. Beyond that, they made no real mention of opposing self defense or firearms in general. We shouldn’t treat them as opponents simply on the word of our enemy. One of MDA’s biggest goals is to get us to alienate people who could potentially be won over to our side.

    1. Strictly speaking, there are no bars in Virginia. There are only restaurants that serve alcohol (and are required to make at least 51% of their revenues from food).

      Until July 1, 2010, it was illegal to carry concealed in an establishment licensed to serve alcohol for on-premises consumption, but open carry was perfectly legal (including consumption). After July 1, 2010, the law was changed so that you can carry concealed, but you can’t drink alcohol if you carry concealed. Open carry remains legal.

        1. The sign has legal weight only for purposes of trespass. Even then, unless it is conspicuously posted (which from the picture it would appear to be), it would have no weight. However, you can be arrested for trespass if you refuse to leave when asked, or if they can demonstrate that you were aware of the prohibition on guns when you entered.

          As a practical matter, it’s only a problem if you are asked to leave and refuse.

  2. If someone posts signs in your restaurant without your permission, can you press vandalism charges?

    If they directly contradict your views, and you can prove that they resulted in a loss of business(which this and the Staples incident almost definitely did), can you press charges for LIbel?

    And the vandals have so kindly not only left their identity behind, but are bragging about it…

  3. They were supposed to open one here, but it’s been I think…more than a year since the mall they are going into tossed out the THEATER I used to love going to, because one of the megaplex companies wanted to put in a mega plex in the opposite end of the mall that had sat mainly vacant for many a year. Can’t hate mall management for that I suppose. Just irks me that I now have to drive a bit farther in the case of one[about 20-25mins more in one case give or take and f’ing 45minutes more in the case of their other theatre…so I can patronize the movie chain I love. Needless to say I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I used to. Seeing as how the one in the mall I used to frequent was a mere 10-14mins from my front door, depending on traffic.

  4. A bar that openly advertises against guns and then hangs the sign aligning themselves with the political group MDA is probably a pretty creepy place to sit down for dinner and drinks.

    I wonder what they serve besides quiche, tofu and white wine.

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