Surfing in Blood (part 4) More on the Media, Politicians and Mental Gulag.

As usual, these are not all the emails between MAIG and the NYC government regarding Gun Control and I even doubt the cover all the emails requested by judicial watch. Not they are all the emails about Sandy Hook out of MAIG during a specific time frame (I forgot to say that before).

I posted this image before, but this time I want to point out (as readers have already done, that some Republicans like McCain are considered allies for our enemies.

MAIG McCaine

Or certain Republican Governor that has fallen from his pedestal lately:
MAIG Christie NRA proposalA ghost from the past reappeared:
MAIG Gary Hart
But the “Do Not Touch With A 10 Foot Pole” rule seems still in effect.
MAIG Gary Hart 2


This is a part of an exchange between Mark Glaze of MAIG and Abby Spangler from Protest easy Guns. Apparently Mark has a pool or reporters at his beck and call to attend Anti Gun efforts.

MAIG Protest Easy Guns Abby Spangler


But the attacks on Senator Heidi Heitkamp seemed a bit too much (maybe because she is a female senator) that MAIG started to have second thoughts.

In other news, not all ducks appeared to be in a row when it came about the Vice President’s Task Force. Bloomberg has his own private Anti Gun Think Tank firmly installed in John Hopkins University (The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Gun Policy and Research) but they had no idea about who was going to be who or had contact information. Somehow me thinks the White House does not like the “biggest” Gun Control Group out there or they are afraid that the spotlight would be re-directed to Bloomberg instead of the President.

I just mentioned The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Gun Policy and Research. They had their own little conference to address the issue of gun violence and this was one of the things proposed by the attendees:
MAIG GRIMM MENTALThis is 100% Soviet Anti-Dissident strategy. If you are not with the Gun Control cause, you must be crazy therefore invalidates you from owning guns. It is bad enough when it was only supposed to be determined by a physician/shrink since we have seem so many of them being Anti Gun and therefore inclined to slant a determination, but now we are adding a whole bunch of “experts” that will make the expansion of the Brady Checks a mockery. Just take the Schools and remember all the cases of “Zero Tolerance” stupidity we have heard in which  kids are being kids but are treated worse than felons. Imagine a 6-year-old now getting a jacket as mentally unstable because he went pew-pew-pew with his fingers during recess. And of course, that is going follow him not only for guns but for the rest of his life in other endeavors.  It is the Gun Control equivalent of the No-Fly list.

More to come.


5 Replies to “Surfing in Blood (part 4) More on the Media, Politicians and Mental Gulag.”

  1. “Gary Hart is not your man if getting Conservatives is your goal.”

    Gun control is not your issue if getting Conservatives is your goal. That’s kind of like trying to convince Jewish, Islamic, and Vegan groups to support an all-bacon diet.

  2. RE: your last sentence, “It is the Gun Control equivalent of the No-Fly list.”

    No, it’s worse. At least the No-Fly List ostensibly has a way for a person to challenge his/her placement on it and be removed. Convoluted as it is, it “exists.”

    Current law even has an allowance for convicted felons to petition the court for the restoration of their 2A rights.

    Has anyone found a way for a person deemed “mentally defective” to petition for the restoration of theirs? Is that bit even included in the proposed “expanded/universal background check” bills? IANAL, but I sure as Hell didn’t see it. That makes “mentally defective” a lifetime ban, whether or not they’re dangerous, whether or not the person receives/completes treatment, or even whether or not they really are/were crazy in the first place!

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