“You are at the SHOT show Tom. Get us something different.”

And Tom did… I should have been a bit more specific 😀

Waldo is an NRA Member? Who knew?


Tactical Steampunk… Now I have seen it all.


Remington R51 AKA the Hornless Unicorn or how not to roll out a new gun.

“Remington reps displayed the R51  9 mm +P pistol.    It indeed has a very low bore axis.     Trigger breaks cleanly but neither the Red Haired Devil nor I could feel a reset during trigger return.
The aluminum alloy frame is comfortable.     Should sell like hotcakes.

And now for something weird: New Taurus, one inch barrel revolver with titanium & aluminum snubbie.





Yes, the plastic place comes with the gun.  It is rated for +P ammunition. Allegedly the lightest snub nose in the market? Physics applications against the hand are going to be interesting.

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