CSGV: Name that Changing Tune.

After the failure of trying to brand the Insurrectionist label to Second Amendment advocates, the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence takes a chance now with the Anarchist label:
CSGV Anarchist Meme


But the true failure of this post is the sad attempt of rewriting history or at least modify it to serve their stupid and dangerous purposes.

They WANT to live in a society where there is no rule of law and their guns serve as judge, jury and executioner.

Which is why the basis of our gun culture is the Four Rules of Gun Safety and adherence to the Bill of Rights.

That is why George Zimmerman is a hero to them.

No, Zimmerman was a victim of unchecked  prosecution for political profit.  Again, we “anarchists” were demanding that the rule of law to be applied fairly, specially that part that reads “Innocent till proven Guilty.”


That stuff in the very first sentence of the Constitution (stating its purpose) about “establish[ing] Justice, insur[ing] domestic Tranquility, provid[ing] for the common defence, [and] promot[ing] the general Welfare”? They reject that contract entirely.

We already established that we want justice while CSGV has a track record of demanding the suspension of the rule of law  in order to bring us (insurrectionist/anarchists) into submission which is not the most proper way to insure Domestic Tranquility.  and most certainly, you cannot provide for the common defense unarmed which is what the Laddites want.

Let’s be clear: They are the modern day equivalent of radical Anti-Federalists: Men who fought against the ratification of our U.S. Constitution with everything they had.

And this is when you know Ladd or the Intern On Duty has never taken 5 minutes to read about how our Constitution came to be. And yes, please, call me Anti Federalist and bunch me up with such “traitors” of our nation as Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Mason, Robert Yates and James Monroe.  The Anti Federalists who indeed refused to ratify the Constitution unless some things of the utmost importance were added: The first amendments to our Constitution that we all know as The Bill Of Rights.

And maybe that is why they hate us so much as it was those Anti Federalists that made sure generations to come knew there were rights that could not be infringed and that were inherent to the individual and not granted (and eventually removed) by a magnanimous Central Government.

As sure as hell we ain’t the ones wearing red coats.

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  1. They say anarchist like it’s a bad thing…

    Not saying I’m an anarchist, but anyone who wants to be personally responsible for themself without help from a government is ok in my book.

  2. My entire rebuttal to all of their stupidity is one word: Holocaust.

    I’m not even Jewish, but it encapsulates the absolute requirement that we have access to weapons (firearms for now, but phasers when they are invented) because petty tyrants like them may try to do it again.

    Only my enemy wants me to be disarmed…
    Never Again!
    Molon Labe!

  3. Ah, CSGV. They are always searching for new names to call us. First, we were merely gun nuts. Then, we became extremists. Next, they called us insurrectionists. Now, they call us anarchists. I’m sure somewhere along the way they’ve also called us traitors and racists.

    You have to wonder what is next. I’m sure Josh and Ladd and their ne’er do well minions have the Roget’s Thesaurus out as I write.

  4. I’d love to see how they can resolve the break between “They’re anarchists who reject this portion of the Constitution out-of-hand” with “These morons won’t just give up and let us rewrite the constitution to remove their right to bear arms!”

    We love laws. Good laws. Laws that provide the individual legal protection from fraud and threat by other individuals, and threats that restrain the power of the government to unjustly harm or imprison that individual.

    We love laws that give the individual the right to defend himself.

  5. A little research will show that most Anti-federalist opposed the Constitution because they were afraid it would be used to take away the unalienable rights it is supposed to protect!

    1. Not so simple. They were afraid mostly for an overpowering central government and that if the rights were not mentioned, governmental idiots would think there were none so they could do harm. Understand that back then what we call the BOR it was something understood by everybody and the Federalists thought it was redundant to add them.

  6. Not to give any rational credit to CSGV (they’ve earned none), but I know many people who when I start talking my libertarian ideas and ideals, they go into full panic mode.

    Many people on the left and the right have zero faith in humanity and feel that any relaxation of laws will quickly spiral the world into Mad Max territory.

    Of course I’d add that these same people calmly walk down the sidewalk next to cars screaming by at 20-40 MPH just feet away.

    They also will be in hardware stores and home good stores where they will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with total strangers who are handling knives, axes, hammers, etc.

    They will also wait on subway and train platforms inches from the tracks with people standing behind them just one shove away from death.

    Nope, Anarchy would take a LOT of work to get to, and likely it would be a bridge too far for society to achieve it in peaceful fashions.

    War, Terror, and Disaster do it for short periods of time with apparent ease…and that’s EXACTLY when even the most grotesque of the cud chewers to want a gun of their own.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that these supposed “experts” don’t seem to know that Virginia and New York threatened to not ratify the Constitution if the Second Amendment was not included. Also, if they understood the Preamble to the document they would not accuse us gun owners of rejecting it. We provide assistance to the common defense, insure so modicum of domestic tranquility (an armed society is a polite society) and do not detract from the general welfare (sorry, Progs that doesn’t mean your EBT card). If you leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone.

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