In India, Gun Control Activists are as Pro-Rape as their American Counterparts

Nirbheek gun

In his large office on Kanpur’s Kalpi Road, Abdul Hameed, the general manager of the state-run Indian Ordnance Factory, shows me Nirbheek, the factory’s tiniest gun.

“It’s small, it’s lightweight, it weighs only 500g [1.1lb], and it can easily fit into a lady’s purse.”

Hameed speaks enthusiastically about the .32-calibre revolver, praising the “special titanium alloy body, the pleasing-to-the-eye wooden handle”.

“The six-shot gun is easy to handle and it can hit its target accurately up to 15m [50ft],” he explains, pointing out the word “Nirbheek” engraved on the barrel.

Although men can buy the gun too, Nirbheek is being pitched as India’s “first gun for women” and to make it more attractive to them, it comes packaged in a deep maroon jewellery case.

via BBC News – A gun designed for Indian women.

Unless you have your head buried in the sand or only watching re-runs of Sponge Bob, you should be in the know that Indian women are being besieged by rapist. It has gotten so bad that those assholes managed to be caught by the public before the authorities, have ended their days on this planet in a very lasting and very painful death at the hands of enraged mobs.

The problem is such that even the government realizes it has to provide women with the means to defend yourself: Enter the Nirbheek gun manufactured by a governmental weapons facility.  By the description, not the best revolver in the world, but it beats harsh language, projectile vomiting and curry paste as means of self-defense.

Now, you would think that any help women could have to avoid being raped would be welcome by all members of society (save the rapist, of course) and you would be wrong.

Anti-gun activists, however, are appalled at the idea.

“I am horrified, shocked and angered,” says Binalakshmi Nepram, founder of the Women Gun Survivors Network in the north-eastern state of Manipur, who says it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure the security of its citizens.

“It’s ridiculous that the state is talking about arming women… The authorities saying, ‘Hey woman, come there’s a new gun for you which will make you safer,’ is an admission of failure on their part.”

Well you sweet sunshine, of course the government has failed.  And it will continue to fail because unless we institute mass lobotomies & castrations, there always be males that are sick bastards and get their rocks off by raping women. The only way to eliminate crime once and for all would be to kill every single human being on the planet which may bring a bit of repulse by everybody.

If you read the rest of the article, you will see more comments from that “gun safety activist” plus the obstacles that the average Indian has on obtaining a gun on a Country with tough laws.  A good example on what happens if we ever are browbeated into “having a conversation” and allow some “reasonable Gun Control laws” to rule the land.

Gun Control is the Blitzkrieg on the real War on Women.

6 Replies to “In India, Gun Control Activists are as Pro-Rape as their American Counterparts”

  1. “Gun Control is the Blitzkrieg on the real War on Women.”

    And the most appalling part is the number of women complicit and supportive of it (see: Moms Demand [something] and the Million Mom March).

    Pardon the language, but: What kind of sick b*tch of a mother WANTS her daughter to be more defenseless against rapists?

  2. Note also that the cost of the gun itself is a hurdle…the equivilent of $1200 US FRN’s. So even when the .gov caves in and starts making a gun for women, it’s still only avaiable to ‘rich’ women.

  3. Morning all,

    I actually made some comments on this event on MikeB’s antigun blog.
    In short, this gun is just a government level publicity stunt that wont change a thing. First, the manufacturer is a part of the Indian version of the DOD, comments on the cost of milspec stuff aside, the article I read put the price of the gun at $2,000 US. If I recall correctly, a Taurus .38 special goes for around $400 new. Considering that the average per capita income is about $1200, if the government were truly serious about arming women, it could easily price it to be more accessable.
    Say, a woman can actually afford to blow over a year’s pay on one, then she has to obtain a license. India’s gun laws are quite restrictive and you of course you have to prove a “need” for the weapon. That means for the majority of applicants, no gun for you.
    So the government is “doing something” about the outbreak of rapes in the country, insures that women cant “do anything” about their personal safety.

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