Tom gets more stuff from SHOT Show…. even for the Ladies.

First, a gun by Boberg:
20140117_15083420140117_1506343 fun items for you Miguel. The first is a pistol from BOBERG. currently available in nine millimeter and later this year to come out in 45 ACP. It has unique semi-automatic rotating breach and the fresh round is picked up as the slide is moving forward. The hammer is a hefty plate on the back of the slide. Minimal effort is needed to rack the slide, and because the breach does not tilt, rounds can be fed straight in. The maker claims that because of this, the gun can feed anything.   you will notice the attached photo showing the rifle ing. It is a  progressive rifle ing which the manufacturer states will reduce the field torque of the pistol. The rotation of the barrel unlocking counters the rotary torque off the bullet first engaging the can find videos on YouTube showing the whole shebang in action.retail price is between 1000 and 1200 dollars.

Boberg has a great reputation for quality, that their guns are very accurate and always go bang. .  I just don’t see then hefty price as any enticement to buy a gun that does pretty much the same job as an upper $300’s like an Ruger LC9.  Back when nobody was doing pocket 9s (or of any caliber for that matter) you had only 2 companies in that particular niche: Boberg and Khar.


A 2 shot .380 palm pistol from BONDHUS is about cigarette pack sized.  Held between the first two fingers, with the thumb on either of the two triggers, it is all metal with plastic only on the “blast shields” (their term).  The pistol is carried cocked, with mechanical safeties, and the pistol has to be manipulated in a particular way to bring it to action. With practice it should be relatively easy. One cool thing: when the gun is “turned on”, so is the internal laser sight
Bondhus.  James Bondhus… (c’mon.  You were already thinking it too).
It does look like a James Bond gadget or a Rube Goldberg contraption. I’ll take Tom’s word for ease of use after some training….. but darn! That is one weird machine.
Not a new item, but getting lots of ink lately. As much is I dislike off body carry  , our women folk don’t often have much choice. Hence, the holster purse (which the voice recon heard as Hans, the whole strippers.). 

 A lot of folks make them but only if you a  look more like purses then holsters, or just bags, GUN TOTEN MAMA’S (available at cabelas & elsewhere) puts out a line of stylish purse holsters. This is not your grandmother’s purse. I can easily see a very young woman able to carry a very real gun in a very stylish purse. Straps are reinforced with steel cable to prevent being cut and hardware is sturdy. 
As somebody who has shelled some monies to Gun Totem Mamas for the wife, I attest that they are great purse, well and durably crafted and makes SWMBO happy.
There was one more pic of Tom and his bride, but he looked awful and I don’t wanna risk this blog being shut down for gross and disgusting pics,

2 Replies to “Tom gets more stuff from SHOT Show…. even for the Ladies.”

  1. One thing can be said about the Boberg, it is the most gun you can get at that size.

    Still even my $700 Kahr PM45 which holds one less round and is bigger in most dimensions didn’t cost THAT much.

    Further Kahr makes the CM9 and CW40 which are much cheaper than the PM series for what is overall a gun in striking distance of performance.

    It fills a niche, and good on them for making it.

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