6 Replies to “I am a proud Uncle, lemme tell ya….”

  1. Have a friend whose daughter is almost seven; sometime in the next six years he’s trying to decide between
    moat(will gators),
    convent(yeah, right)
    or something like the above.

    Either that, or have that stroke so he doesn’t have to worry about it.

    1. I suggested putting the girl in a barrel with some food and a cut out in the bottom for trash and bodily functions, and not letting my niece out til she’s at least 21, to the mother of my niece. :Lets just say she wasn’t amused. Dammit it’s a perfectly good idea! not my fault her mom don’t like it. *grumble*

  2. My niece is 12. I love her father but, at this rate the poor boy may heart attack himself out of existence with all the shit going on in his life. . Sigh…now I’ve got to figure out…ahead of time….what to do with the bodies. Which is gonna be entertaining since I live in the city. Tarps! need to stock up on contractor bags, tarps and duct tape. since moving the bodies will be problematical otherwise in that area of town, as it’s heavily patrolled by the local constable, sheriff and the City PD. Getting pulled over because there’s blood dripping out the back would be….embarassing as all hell.

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