Sen. Kevin de León & Ghost Guns: The Complete Idiocy

I have been reading and watching Anti Gun Politicians for close to 2 decades come up with some amazingly displays of lies and stupidity when talking about guns, But I must say that State Senator Kevin de Leon has gone farthest and fastest than anybody else before him. I don’t know if Sen. De Leon has his abuelita living nearby, but if she ever finds out about the lies and general ignorance portrayed by his grandson, she is bound to grab a chancleta and spank some sense into his body

Here is the complete presser video. Under it you will quotes and comments. If you suffer from migraines, you may want to avoid the post.

00:00 “Tomorrow in the senate safety public  committee I will introduce legislation to ban the sale the manufacture the purchase and trafficking a plastic and self-assembled firearms also known as Ghost Guns in California.”
OK, You are in California and you hate guns and you gonna ban them. No surprise there.

00:23 “…advances in technology specifically 3d printers using digital blueprints can now make plastic fully functional guns that can slip through metal detectors and x-ray machines in airports and elsewhere…”
Nothing said about the cartridges that have to be metal and that are not X-ray invisible…you may need one or two of thjose for the gun to work..just saying.

00:45 “…they are being produced without serial numbers or records of sell. No one knows that they exist until after a crime has been committed. ”
And pray tell us how many of these 3D printed guns have been involved in crimes?  I guess somewhere between zero and nada.

01:00 “…the firearms are called Ghost Guns because they do not have serial numbers and the owners have not undergone background check because nobody even knows that they exist. Also 3d-printed guns may have detachable metal pieces and be slipped pass metal detectors…”
Huh? Metal that goes undetected by metal detectors? (Say that fast 5 times) Sen. De Leon would have a sh**-fit if he finds out about the AK-Building Clubs where they build guns from flats, have no serial numbers and are legal!

01:20 “…new technology that makes manufacturing guns available to the general public also raises questions about whether a homemade guns are made by dangerous individuals. To be legal under SB 808 the measure that will be introducing tomorrow in the Senate Public Safety Committee Ghost Guns will have to be registered with the Department justice three serial number and a gun owner background
check …”
I can see your local meth addict ordering a 3D printer plus the materials and the computer in order to print hisself a gun that may or may not work. And of course, he will register the gun immediately! 

02:22 “…the threat is broader than
3d guns we need to make sure that homemade guns do not fall into the hands dangerous criminals and the mentally unstable. With that, I want to show the process for creating a ghost gun which is quite shockley simple…”
Yay! We are gonna see a 3D printer in action carving a plastic gun!

02:39 “.. if you just focus on this piece of metal….”
Wait? Piece of metal? I thought we were talking about plastic! Wait one , isn’t that an 80% AR not-yet-receiver?”

de leon 1

By golly it is! And it is invisible to X-Ray machines? Really?

03:27 “…again is the engine to the high part semi-automatic assault weapons are you see displayed here today with that the lower receiver an individual can buy this eighty to a hundred dollars online this doesn’t have a serial number it doesn’t require a background check…”
Because it is NOT a receiver you moron! It is a piece of metal that can be seen in ANY X-Ray machine. 

de leon 2
03:47 “…all the person has to do secure this jig, go to someone who has a drill press….you insert this lower receiver into this jig…you go to someone who has a drill press and god knows throughout the city
california special my district industrial areas…”
You mean you get a Black and Decker drill press and ..presto?


de leon 3
04:12 “…you can go easily to any drill press a bit and make the holes necessary want to make the holes necessary becomes this.

“….This is the lower receiver again the engine.  Then the engine becomes this…”
de leon 4That has to be some drill press… it not only makes holes but anodizes aluminum in one pass…. holy crap! I want one!


4:39 “…we have here a semi-automatic weapon which is illegal in the State of California, nonetheless this has a serial number. This weapon right here can be detected…”
de leon 5We ll Hell, I can see the damn gun and it is made out of metal , of course it can be detected you nitwit! And if the gun is illegal, wtf are you doing with it? You are in possession of an illegal “assault weapon”!


05:16 “…with the purchase this lower receiver online through the internet, you can go on YouTube, you can create this illegal weapon. this is a ghost this right here.”
de leon 6Whut?? But I can see the damn thing! How can’t it be undetectable? And again: It is made out of metal which means it will set off metal detectors! Am I the only one not losing his mind at the sheer idiocy? This frigging moron introduced a bill to stop plastic guns, invisible to X-Rays and it is showing a metal gun?

(I am jumping the whole  “to disperse with 30 bullets within half a sec” as it is already well covered)

06:12 “….this weapon which is an automatic sniper weapon that is used by our troops in the military in Afghanistan again this is a weapon is a Ghost Gun got no serial number, you cannot trace.  It its undetectable. 
de leon 7What da fur? OK honey Bunny, it is time for you to put down the bad toy and go take your medication. And will somebody cut his Medical marijuana card please? I think he is overdosing!

There is about 15 more minutes of maudlin BS on this video, but I can only take it till here.  After that, serious headaches start to develop and the need to toss him a Webster Dictionary straight to his face becomes a need.

Hanlno’s razor establishes that you should never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupiditySenator de Leon establishes that actually both malice and stupidity can coexist in the same brain. 



14 Replies to “Sen. Kevin de León & Ghost Guns: The Complete Idiocy”

  1. “To be legal under SB808… ghost guns will have to be registered with the department of justice…”

    Oh that’s great, he’s trying to put through a law that is COMPLETELY UNENFORCEABLE!

  2. And somehow requiring a permit to manufacture a firearm will prevent someone such as the Santa Monica killer from manufacturing a firearm. M’Kay.. He should also introduce a bill to make murder doubly extra illegal. They also need a law that makes suicide after a murderous rampage extra illegal, that will fix everything.

  3. My apologies for the half-post. I had 2 posts being worked at once and I clicked on the wrong PUBLISH button..
    Multitasking: The ability to screw up several jobs at the same time 🙂

  4. That’s funny, you stopped commenting about the same time I stopped watching.

    More tips for de Leon: HIRE A SCRIPT WRITER! He was bumbling more than Obama off-teleprompter!

    I also love how he spent an entire bullet point on the aluminum block turning BLACK! Yes, you can take a block of metal, CNC mill it into shape, and drill the holes, AND THEN! Let me tell you boys and girls, AND THEN! It turns BLACK! This is how you know it’s an evil assault weapon, it’s BLACK!


  5. Looks like one of the kids from the short bus won a mercy election in California.

    BTW — nobody tell him you can build a gun from pipes and springs. He’ll want serial numbers and registration for plumbing…

  6. I just couldn’t do it! this guy is such a mumbling idiot I had to turn it off.

    The guy with some mental issues who bags groceries and collects carts at my local store is working with more upstairs than this guy!

  7. Technically, there is no reason why a “ghost gun” needs to use a metallic cartridge, or even a metallic bullet for that matter. You could, if you so wished, make them as muzzleloaders, and they’d be exempt from most federal and state laws in the first place. Use Pyrodex or Triple7 pellets glued to the bottom of a non-metallic bullet (maybe an appropriate sized marble?), and pretty much the only metal you’ll need on the gun is the nipple for the percussion cap, and the percussion cap itself.

    If you need more than one shot, you could design the gun as a kind of pepperbox revolver.

    All of this, of course, points out the futility of trying to regulate them.

      1. And you can go to Home Depot and buy a plastic tube without having to print it or anything. It isn’t the receiver that is the critical part of a gun. It’s the tube. The tube IS the gun.

        How do they intend to ban tubes?

  8. It amazes me that he gets up and talks about something he does not have a clue about. I am sure he believes AR stands for assault rifle and that they are all automatics. Truly a pompous fool!

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