Sweet Irony Chicago (Update)

Moms Demand are having one of their traditional hissy fits about a Billboard in the Chicago area portraying an Evil Ghost Assault Gun with 1/2 second assault magazine clips.

Moms apple pie rifle chicago


It is good to see that such a progressive police department like Chicago’s would not stoop so low as to have their officers use such disgusting weapons in the performance of their duties, now would it?

Moms apple pie rifle chicago 2


Specially AR-Type rifles like the one on the billboard, right? As they are not Military but a Civilian LEO organization and those type of weapons only belong on the battlefield.


Moms apple pie rifle chicago 3


Then again Chicago’s crime and dominance of the streets by Gangs may very well make it a battlefield…..nah!

UPDATE: Billboard company responds:

slide fire Lamar

Basically: Shush and let the adults alone.

15 Replies to “Sweet Irony Chicago (Update)”

  1. I notice they’re only allowed iron sights. Wonder if this is simply a cost measure. Pretty much everyone else in the world, US military included, has realized that an optic of some sort makes the average shooter much more effective. Maybe effective is not what they’re after?

    1. It’s largely a matter of institutionalized doctrine. In other words: “X was good enough for me when I was a patrol officer 20 years ago, so it’s still good today…”

      With regard to the U.S. Mil. now issuing optics as standard equipment, that’s a VERY recent development. It took nearly a decade of war to get us there; Without Afghanistan/Iraq, our military would probably still be resisting that move.

  2. oh oh! I want an evil chicago PD dept issue ghost gun too! can I get mine with hot pink[ie neon pink ] furniture and the Aerosmith “wings” logo all over it? See then we can post pictures of me in a tutu carrying my Hot Pink Aerosmith Chicago PD issue GHOST GUN and, and…..
    Well shit. lost my train of thought.

    Probably just as well the mental picture I had of myself with that description was…. effin scary. 😛

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