Moms Demand, TN Chapter: Colossal Staples Fail.

MOms Demand TN Staples


Oh! I bet that hurt.  I just hope that the manager does not get in trouble if there is a No Weapons policy and HQ takes her answer the wrong way.

And have you notice the crowd of “Moms” crowding the front of the store? Now that is a mob right there.

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  1. That’s assuming they’re telling the truth and aren’t just attempting to get revenge for being told they can’t put a sign in the store’s window. From their statements about calling cops on any OC or suspected CC just to harass, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. I asked on their thread if they planned to follow in her wise footsteps. It was “Reasoned Discourse”ed within a minute and I was banned.

  3. I carry every where I go, unless there is a specific LAW that prohibits it. I don’t give a fig about “No Firearm” signs posted in windows; I’m going to carry anyway. I mean, after all, that is what “Concealed” means – no one knows you have it.
    I am alive today because I carry. I am alive because I had it when it was needed.
    Gun Free Zones don’t make anyone safer – except for the Criminal.

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