13 Replies to “Susan B. Anthony would be politically crucified today.”

    1. Nah, just needs to practice with both eyes open. Having long hair myself, I’ve had to get used to working with it in my face or grabbed/pulled by uke.

  1. I’m fifty, I’ve spent years getting the snot knocked outta me in a Kajukenbo class, I don’t look like much walking down the street.
    I absolutely love the idea that some one would underestimate me cuz I’m getting older and a woman.
    (Hehehe, dumba**!)

  2. Susan B. Anthony was not referring to gun “protection”—she was referring to political protection and the right to vote. If you’re going to quote her, at least get the context right.

    1. I am looking for the original speech in 1871 to get the whole context. In the meantime I leave this other quote of hers:
      “I shall work for the Republican party and call on all women to join me, precisely… for what that party has done and promises to do for women, nothing more, nothing less.”
      Letter to Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Autumn 1872)

      1. Back in Susan’s time Republicans were LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES. The exact OPPOSITE of what they are now. She was definitely NOT talking about physical “protection” by use of a weapon in this quote. She was speaking metaphorically about how in a PATRIARCHAL society that it was always the man’s duty to “protect” his family in a number of different ways. Since Susan was FIERCELY independent and one of the first true FEMINISTS she would have NEVER approved of being associated w/this ridiculous ad, the same way she never would have approved of being associated w/the radical RWNJ pro-BIRTH group that has taken on her name. Something I will seek to rectify through the courts if need be. Sick and tired of people making a mockery of her good name to suit their wacked out agendas.

        Oh.. who am I ? I”m her 3rd cousin, that’s who.

    2. Exactly. But you know how RWers are about re-writing history, cherry-picking and warping/twisting everything to suit their agendas.

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