Shannon Watts: Let’s have a conversation about guns…. SILENCE DANA LOESCH!

Ahhh… nothing like a free discussion and exchange of opposing ideas, right? Not for Shannon Watts, Premier of Moms Demand Action:

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Dana Loesch is scheduled to appear on tomorrow’s episode of The View and it has sent Shannon Watson into a spiral of seething rage: How dare The View have other views about guns? There is only one and it all belongs to Shannon!

Ms. Watts has urged her cult members to assault The View’s Facebook page and, as usual, it has backfired as the word spread and people from our side are leaving about 10 messages in favor for every little hate-filled rant from Shannon’s acolytes.

But I understand Shannon: In the even field of logical discussions, being unarmed is committing suicide.

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  1. If guns made women less safe, the First Lady and her daughters would be protected by “gun free zone” signs and we could do away with fences around the White House guarded by Secret Service agents armed with machine-guns. Unfortunately for humanity, criminals, terrorists, and psychopaths will not be deterred from their murderous paths by signs and laws. These human scum neither obey laws nor signs. Hence, laws and signs announcing ordinances that prohibit carrying of guns will only cause law-abiding citizens to leave their guns at home. Laws and their signs achieve nothing but disarming the very people who would lay down their lives to protect our defenseless and our children. It is, then, that the hideous falsehoods that underlie anti-gun legislation and “gun-free-zone” signs make us and our children defenseless against armed criminals, terrorists, and psychopaths. The myth of preventing crime by disarming the public creates an environment in which the innocent and the law-abiding become easy prey for barbaric monsters in human disguise. The blood of Sandy Hook and other such massacres is on the hands of shallow-thinking people riddled with irrational fear and opportunistic lawmakers who feed on their fear for personal gain. These people should be ashamed to ever show their faces in public again with the thoroughly discredited rhetoric of gun-control on their blood-soaked lips. A curse on them and their houses.

  2. Thank you, Marine Gunner, for saving me from the cussing tirade I would be tempted into at the insanity of shannon watts and her ilk. And that’s only because I cannot get them in a room alone and show them up close and personal the need for self defense and the error of their ways.

  3. Shannon Watts is just another fear monger who beliees that anyone with a contrary opinin is just plain stupid, dangerous and a menace to themselves and society as a whole.

    Nothing is going to change her tiny atrophied perceptions. Nothing will make the world “right” until it conforms and bends to her will. Once we all realize that, we can understand that spewing facts at her is a waste of time and effort.

    Instead, send letters to the editor of whatever papers are dominant in your area. Make them respectful, but be sure to emphasize the indisputable facts that Watts chooses to ignore. Remember, there is no such thing as “everybody know that …” because YOU know that the truth is different.

    Don’t take her crap. Ferret out whatever venues you can to dispute her and make her agree that she is misinformed.

    Remember: a gun is not designed only to kill. If that were true, the Olympic shooting events would be littered with dead bodies – and there have never been such reports by the Olympic Committee. No. A gun is designed to contain a pyrotechnic reaction to chemicals and cause gassed to expand — sending a projectile down a tube and in the direction of the selected target. If it hits a piece of paper OK. If it hits a gallon of red-dyed water, impressive. If it knocks down falling plates, bowling pins or other interactive targets, you can have pride in your marksmanship.

    But those times when it is used to senselessly take a life — even of another gang-banger — it criminal. When a stray bullet strikes a child, we should all seek constitutional methods of fighting crime (I, myself prefer some unconstitutional “cruel and unusual punishents” for the perpetrator). Gangs will not be stopped until destroyed by the resistance of armed law-abiding citizens who refuse to be victimized by inbred thugs.

    When it defends an innocent life, protects you spouse, child, or other person under your protection, it should be celebrated — LOUDLY and in every letter to the editor column.

    Then ask Watts why she would deny protecting innocent children and the elderly. Ask Watts why she would deny self protection from the evil troll who would invade your house and offer thatviolence and death.

    And ask Watts if she would prefer to watch children slaughtered because no one came to protect them.

    Don’t leave it for “the other guy” to do. It falls to every lae abiding citizen to enter the fight with both feet — swinging both fists — and telling watts and her minions to grow up and see the reality that is growing where life is becoming cheaper and someone with two priors can’t afford to leave a witness alive or he goes away permanently.

    I, for one, will not walk quietly into extinction — nor will I allow my family to do so. But if Watts wants to, I will be happy to drop her off on Chicago’s South Side with a $100 bill sticking out of her pocket with nothing but a whistle for protection. I won’t be cruel: I’ll advise the police where they can come to draw the chalk outline and remove the carcass.

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