You know what I find fascinating?

That I have not heard one peep out of Moms Demand Action about Diane Swayer’s Young Guns special last week.  I wonder if this had anything to do with it:

The special includes interviews with parents who have lost their children to unsecured guns in their own home or at their neighbor’s house, and kids who surprise their parents by showing them where guns are “hidden.”

If you had the stomach and have been following Moms, you may have noticed that they started a campaign to make sure parents go to jail if a kid dies in an firearms-related accidental death. (Other deaths are OK with Moms Demand)

Mom accountability

Nothing ails the pain a family has to be suffering due the accidental death of a child like sending a parent to jail. And in this sense, Shannon Watts and the Moms raise cruel to a new level with their PR stupidity:

Mom accountability 2
A kid is dead, thanks to their meddling a father is on its way to trial for murder but they “feel” for the family. What is next? Kill the family dog and burn their house on a fit of empathy?

These are sick, sadistic women.

8 Replies to “You know what I find fascinating?”

  1. So.. all it takes is a bunch of emails and phone calls to convince a DA that someone probably created a crime?
    Disturbing on many levels…

  2. All unintentional discharges are negligent, not accidental. I find groups like MDA disgusting but the father is accountable for his actions.

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