Moms Demand Going Postal

ZOMG! Guns in the Post Office? NOoooooo!

Moms going postal


I really don’t see the problem with allowing people to carry in Post Offices. Let us remember that the term “Going Postal” came about because it was postal workers the ones that went bonkers.

That regular folks did no go nuts themselves dealing with the crappy & lazy postal workers on an every day basis is more than enough  evidence that they can pretty much withstand any crap.

But it is fun to see Moms losing their minds….

13 Replies to “Moms Demand Going Postal”

  1. Sadly, we already know guns and post offices don’t mix…

    If guns being present were the problem, public gun ranges would be the most violent places in the United States, but Shannon R Watts ™ would never admit that.

    I checked their DontGoPostal hashtag, there are about two dozen different twitter users posting their message. Several of them I recognize from other hashtags and two bots. A few others posting on that hashtag were other gun control orgs. Their support seems to be waning.

  2. As a former Postal Worker (and Marine. But don’t worry, 9 out of the 10 voices in my head like you), I can assure you that the ‘No Guns’ policy was rarely followed by pissed off spouses and workers.

    Saw two people storm my building with guns drawn in anger (completely bypassing the ‘No guns’ sign AND the law!!!!) and had one kid go on lunch break and shoot someone in the face with the gun he had on him all day.

  3. It seems to me that the safest thing is to carry. Every time I have to go to the PO, I have to unholster. We all know that the more your coonfinger* your gun, the bigger the chances of something happening.

    *Thanks Tam.

  4. This moms wanting action group is full of cowards. Anybody who comments against their view on Facebook, they delete and block, they disabled any comments on their YouTube vids, and on twitter they tell each other to block people with differing views. Someone needs to make an opposing moms Facebook page that won’t block or delete anyone. They love the first amendment and think it’s only for them. All that time in the kitchen and they can’t handle any heat.

  5. Its funny how going postal was never a thing when postal workers were carrying guns as part of their job. But hey since when do facts matter.

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