Must be a movie production in town.

Sometimes you find the strangest thing in Miami and cars are not the exception. Some months ago, I saw an original Charger Super Bee also being transported, but the poor thing was painted in Mint Green…. I shed a tear or two.
Some nights ago, I bumped into a carrier loaded with four 1978 Plymouth Fury (AKA Dodge Monaco,) three in police car configuration and one in civilian:

patrol car 1


patrol car 3

That is Rogers County, Oklahoma. A darn long way from Miami!

The other two came from East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office, Louisiana.
patrol car 2

They were in pretty good shape on the outside and the age did show, nothing that a bit of buffing could not help to make them look good.
No idea on the condition of the inner works.

I used to own (handed down from Dad, the original buyer) a 1976 Dodge Monaco Diplomat (400 cc) so these guys did bring some nice memories… very comfy back seat, lemme tell ya.

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  1. The Dodge Charger and the Dodge Super Bee are two different cars. I had a 69 Super bee. I was the Dodge equivalent of the Plymouth Road Runner. The Road Runner was a GTX without all the nice stuff. There was no Plymouth equivalent of the Charger. That one was unique,

        1. Oh…if you think *that’s* bad.. beware the Panther Pink*, Plumb Crazy**, and the worst of all…the ‘mod-top’ vinyl roof!***


  2. Maybe they are going to remake the old Burt Reynolds fast cars and faster women in the South movies like Gator and White Lightning?

    They’ve remade movies that are a lot worse.

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