Things I do when fighting a cold/flu.

Protest Easy Guns landed this crap in their Facebook wall.

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So I had to do my version:
parentmap BS GFZI blame Nyquil.

But remember, if you get asked that question, reply with “Do you have a gun in your house?” and if the answer is negative (and it will be answered with the stupid pride of the Antis) then you ask “What are you gonna do then if a criminal breaks into your house? How are you planning on defending my kid? I am sorry, but your house is too dangerous for my little one to play in.” That should piss them off royally



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  1. One of my favorite retorts to the “…but there’s CHILDREN here…” arguments against carry is “Are they not worth defending?”

    Shuts em up EVERY time. Usually with a blank look, but sometimes in anger as they realize they’ve just been out ’emotionalized’….*snerk*

  2. I have only lived in a house without guns for about 3 months in my entire life(between moving out of my parents’ place and moving some of my guns out of my parents’ place). Clearly it’s an education thing. And part of my education was my dad took his gun out once, and said “This is my gun. It is right here. If you ever want to see it, just ask me. Don’t go touching it without permission.”

    Of course, I don’t remember that happening, so it probably happened when I was about 5.(The thought of that alone should give the anti-gun crowd nightmares)

    I can see my answer to this question going two ways.

    1: “Not where she’s going to see them.”

    2: “Yeah, I thought we could go down to the shooting range and practice basic gun safety. You want to come too?”

    1. 3: “A gun? No! How irresponsible do you think I am? I don’t keep *a* gun in the house…I keep quite a few of them in it. Why would I just have one?”

  3. I’ve had a similar conversation with my parents. I told my mom especially that having the gun so far buried under lock and key doesn’t do her any good if someone breaks in while she is babysitting.

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