Moms Demand Action: When Hyenas Attack.

They are at it again:

Moms Demand when Hyenas attack.


I have visited this new Moms trend of wanting to make sure the whole family suffers even more from something as awful as a child shooting happens as it shows a true sadistic streak in their natures.  Moms are almost at the same level of the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence in their fervor and the Constitution or even basic humanity be damned.  And the comments coming out of the mouths of its followers are rather scary.

Ruth Wood McPherson The Sheriff doesn’t have the right to decide if this was “punishment enough” for this crime. It’s neglect and it’s child endangerment, and our legal system doesn’t have sheriffs decide these things.

Marla Drake If it was a Black Family, you’d better KNOW that They would Press Charges!!!

Melinda Caye Bernt The father should be held accountabe. Period. No trial. No jury. Child neglect and aiding in abuse…and other charges that a lawyer can come up with.
(Bold & Underline added)

Lisa Christensen Petersen Father AND mother should be arrested. She had to have seen it on the dresser. At least one should do jail time for endangering the children.

Catherine Jydstrup Aggravated negligent homicide at the very least-and Dad is NEVER allowed to write any more parenting columns!
(Bold & Underline added. The girl did not die. )

Rosemary Morrison Murphy Parents totally need to be criminally punished. Plus the kids should be put in foster care.

Teri Gonzales-Lowry Those parents should now join Moms Demand Gun Sense, and be a loud and active advocate, then I would consider no charges.
(Because Blackmail is so Christian of you.)

And I bet these idiots go to church on Sundays too. So much hate!

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    1. Two things brought down Million Mom March: Rosie O’Donnell’s fierce attack on Tom Selleck at her show and a high member of MMM shooting a kid she thought had killed her son. She shot the wrong guy and left him paralyzed for life. No harassment was needed as that house of cards quickly collapsed.

  1. Like most news blurbs from anti-gun media, there isn’t a good way to get more details. I’m too lazy to dig..but I’d be willing to bet pretty long odds that this isn’t a normal law abiding family that had an accident. There’s an excellent chance that the police are already quite familiar with this house for drugs or violence, or the kids were being cared for by an unemployed man biologically unrelated to the victim while Mom worked. (We had one of those in my town about a year ago…except the unemployed POS used stairs instead of a gun). I could be wrong, but when I’ve dug into these stories I rarely have been.

  2. In North Carolina, the law is very clear. Leaving a firearm where a child can get it is a violation of the law, not a reason to crucify the parents. Despite what the law enforcement side says, the courts will decide what, if any, charges are pursued. I live in Eastern North Carolina and read the WHOLE story. It is not for me to judge. This is a horrible tragedy. As a former police officer, the elements of a statute determine the offense, not the law enforcement officer. Don’t judge by nearsightedness or the mistake of an individual. Gun control/confiscation moguls will try to enterprise their opinions by exploiting this story to fit their agendas. Bet your butt that they won’t turn away a police officer carrying a firearm when they demand 911 services.

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