This is why….. (Graphic Content) UPDATE

Yesterday in Venezuela, there was a country-wide series of peaceful demonstrations against the Government. Lots of cities joined and some didn’t but what has happened since  Neo Communism  was democratically voted into office came to happen once again: Violence against the demonstrators.

Now according to the law down there, anti-riot police is strictly forbidden in the usage of lethal ammunition against unarmed “rioters”.  The problem is that Less-Than-Lethal can be quite damaging if the “officers” do not adhere to the recommended practices by the manufacturers which tends to be shooting at a distance not closer than 35 feet. So the Venezuelan “officers” love to get close and personal.

0v gun shotgun close


Which leads to injuries like the following:

0v gun shotgun 1


0v gun shotgun 2

0v gun shotgun 4


0v gun shotgun 6


And if the shot is properly placed, let’s say in a sensitive part like the head….death.
shotgun head

Of course, there are always “officers” that “forget” the dictum about not using lethal measures:
0v gun 1

0v gun 2And let us not forget those grateful community organizers and union members aligned with the government that come out and support the Revolution by intimidating anybody who dares to speak against it.
0v irregulars

If you are stupid enough to be mumbling “This cannot happen here” wake the hell up. If we ever falter in our sacred duty to defend the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment, this could be very well true in the future.

“But Miguel” you say “that means you have no trust in our LEOs.” and you would be wrong. I do trust the majority of them, but LEOs with an appreciation to the Bill of Rights or Human Rights in general can be and will be replaced for properly indoctrinated thugs the same way that Hugo Chavez did with all the police forces in Venezuela. I mean, these f***ers cannot solve 98% of the murders or control any other type of crime in the country, but they sure are great at putting down unarmed civilians.

Hunting ain’t fun when the bunny shoots back.

This lesson unfortunately has not been learned outside our borders. You take it to heed.

UPDATE: The following videos allegedly shows the killing of Bassil Da Costa, a student who was marching in the protest.


and from the angle of the shooters. Notice one muzzle flash.

Again, firearms that shoot normal ammunition are verbotten by law.

21 Replies to “This is why….. (Graphic Content) UPDATE”

  1. Contempt of citizen
    Conspiracy to commit contempt of citizen
    Violation of duty to protect
    Impersonating a peace officer


    Burn it, start over. It won’t be fixed.

    1. Duty to Arrest, not protect. You might be surprised at the ways a duty to protect might infringe on your rights.

      Other than that, I’m pretty much with you.

  2. My own brother-in-law, as a San Bernardino Co. Sheriff, said that he would obey unconstitutional orders from higher up, rather than honor his oath. So, no. I do not trust any LEO anymore. Besides, how do you know that the officer approaching you can be trusted?

  3. I have no doubt that MOST officers would NOT obey an order to fire on unarmed citizens…but the moment those citizens chose to arm themselves in any uprising, the police WILL violate their oaths of office to obey the Constitution. It’s called self-defense and is ALWAYS justified under the law.

  4. Self defense is not “ALWAYS” justified under the law, if by self defence you mean any violence used to preserve your life.

    When YOU are the one at fault, you cannot kill someone using lawful violence and claim “self defence”. A cop may be able to claim “qualified immunity” for an error, but that’s a different kettle of fish altogether.

    As soon as police officers reject the Constitution and act as agents for an unconstitutional oppressive regime, they cannot go back and claim “self defence” for gunning down the citzenry. Of course, at that point, you’re not talking about something that is going to be settled in a courtroom, but on the battlefield — a venue where the Supreme Court has already (and correctly, in view of the tradition of Western and especially Anglo-Saxon law and history) ruled that courtroom antics afterwards are irrelevant because the decision was made on the battlefield. (That was how they ruled Southern secession to have been invalid — NOT as a legal matter, but as a practical one, settled in battle. The South lost, so any legal argument that they were justified and authorized to seceed was mooted. A future secession or rebellion would be judged on teh basis of whether or not it is successful. . . just as the legality of the existance of the United States as a sovereign nation is NOT based on _law_ but _successful_rebellion_. Had the US lost in 1781, the Founding Fathers would have been – quite legally – executed as traitors.)

  5. In 2012 a law was passed banning private ownership of guns. Yet, many of the civilian thugs loyal to the regime seem to be well armed.

    They come riding in on motorcycles and in the back of trucks shooting protestors while the cops stand by and watch.

    This has been going on since Chavez first came to power.

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