5 Replies to “British Army: Failed Marksmanship Program.”

  1. What the Warrant Officer 3rd Class is holding up is a sigting device. The private aims at the target, and there is a pinhole the WO3 (platoons sergeant/platoon leader, basically) is doing is looking back down to see that he sees a perfect alignment of front sight, rear sight, right eye.

    The drill for this drill includes a careful inspection of ALL weapons to ensure no one has any rounds, and is no more unsafe than many other, traditional, BRM training techniques used by almost all militaries, including the US military (pencil grouping exercise, for example) that require a coach “downrange” from a cleared gun.

  2. Come to think of it, y’all would absolutely panic if you saw actual MILES training — troops POINTING GUNS AT EACH OTHER, and FIRING SHOTS (albeit with blanks). [/sarcasm]

  3. My mistake — not a private. It’s a corporal, demonstrating along with the WO3. Makes it most likely this is a regimental recruit training depot.

    Keep in mind, ammunition (ESPECIALLY live ammo) is a highly restricted issue item in almost all militaries, outside of actual combat zones. And ALL militaries routinely train in ways that violate the “Four Rules” because THEY HAVE TO to get the job done in te volume, time, and budget permitted them.

    In other words, “Lighten up, Francis.”

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