Moms Demand No So Subtle Race Card Play.

Sometimes things are so obvious, we fail to make the connection. Tale a look at the following pics created by Moms on its earlier days of operation:

Moms Demand No so Subtle Racism

I remember seeing the first one and made a pun about the race contrast, but I did not know it was a full-fledged campaign back then. Now I have to review all the damn ad pics they created and check for Race Card violations….. sheesh!

I guess their slogan is “Whatever it works.”

Yet, they keep failing.

Hat tip to Mike V’s Corner.

6 Replies to “Moms Demand No So Subtle Race Card Play.”

  1. It’s the only way the sheep know how to enlarge the flock. The feel that there is safety in numbers–not because there are more to fight back with, but because the odds of them being picked out by the wolves decrease by virtue of statistics. . . they think.


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