CSGV just HATES the Fourth Amendment.

CSGV Guns Returned


This case out of Geneva , Florida sounds weird, specially if you follow what the press says and it is contradictory. Nevertheless, even when the judge who was clearly not in the Facebook likes of the defendant apparently the facts in the case were strong enough to grant immunity under Stand Your ground. The judge stated that he was returning the guns begrudgingly and if he could, he would not had. That a judge has such an open contempt for the Fourth Amendment is clearly a worrisome thing and it is up to the locals to deal with that. That the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence hates the Fourth Amendment is known and well documented.

This should be CSGV’s new campaign:
The U.S. Constitution: Getting in the way of Justice. Let’s Ban It Now!  

4 Replies to “CSGV just HATES the Fourth Amendment.”

  1. Uhmm, according to the article “when he pushed and punched a woman a year later, something that resulted in him spending 71 days in the Seminole County jail for domestic violence, according to court records.”

    Under the Lautenberg Amendment (passed in the 90’s) ANY conviction for domestic violence is a total and lifelong ban on firearm ownership.

    So what gives? Either he did not have a domestic violence conviction or the judge did not have to give the guns back to him.

    Help me out here anyone I do not understand.


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