Feast Day of Saint Gabriel Possenti & Shooter’s Prayer

Imploring the intercession of St. Gabriel Possenti is always a good idea too.

via Musings Over a Pint: Shooter’s Prayer.

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Gabriel Possenti, the patron Saint of handgunners.  David of Musings over a Pint has a very cool prayer which I have abused into a pictorial form:

shooter prayer


Hat Tip to Fill Yer Hands for the reminder.

6 Replies to “Feast Day of Saint Gabriel Possenti & Shooter’s Prayer”

  1. Thanks for helping spread the word. And thanks for the very cool illustration. We just got back from the range celebrating the feast day. Now we’re raising a toast with some good beers, and steaks on the grill.


  2. Lord, Make me Fast and Accurate

    Let my aim be True and my hand faster

    than those who would seek to destroy me

    Grant me Victory over my foes

    and those that wish to do Harm to me and mine

    Let not my last thought be

    If I only had my gun;

    and Lord, if today is truly

    the day that you call me home,

    Let me die in a pile of empty brass.

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