Once again: Paper ain’t bulletproof


CSGV 5 dead virginia restraining

According to people who knew the Palmers, domestic abuse had been going on for years in the Palmer family.

“About six years ago when I was called to Virginia High School to meet with her, she had a broken nose and black eyes,” Johnson said. “She appeared to be very scared of her husband and afraid to go back to the situation, but she was also equally scared to not go back.”

Then six years later, the abuse still happening, Kristin Palmer told law enforcement about instances of recent abuse.

Kevin was arrested for domestic abuse last week, but then posted bail quickly after and was released. Kathy Johnson, executive director of Abuse Alternative said they urged Kristin to file for an order of protection.

On February 24, the day before Kristin and Griffin died, she filed an order of protection.

“It’s extremely hard to monitor that individual, once he’s served, basically they’re put on notice to not have contact with that individual and again were hoping that they abide by the guidelines of that protective order, that won’t happen,” Washington County, Va. Sheriff Fred Newman said.

via Glade Spring, Va. man accused of abuse prior to early morning sh.

Today is turning out to be a very depressing day. At least the sadists at CSGV got to bake their cake and eat it too: “No dear woman, you shan’t be armed as you may dies by the gun or kill your innocent misunderstood husband. But in case you get murdered, rest assured we shall use you like a bloody rag-doll. “

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  1. I’ve never understood women who don’t or can’t protect their children. And I really don’t understand people who do their best to keep women powerless to do so.

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