Moms Demand Action Arts & Crafts Club. (Long Post)

Last night before calling it quits, I ran into this post from Moms Demand:
moms demand quiltA quilting project? Don’t get me wrong, being married to the South, I love quilts and understand the work behind it but…Gun Control Stitching?

It made me sit back and think about the many projects that Moms has had since it began a little over a year ago:

They started simply: Some  chalk art on a wall or sidewalk, some gouache paint on paper or a bed-sheet, but soon it started to evolve into more “complex” crafts:

“Across the USA…How do you wear your heart?” was hear-shaped cut outs with some cardiac-wrenching message and make sure to include the kids since we are doing this for them while they were still 1 Million Moms Against something or other:

With cute hearts come, of course, Valentine’s day and they marched on D.C. to present the hearts to selected members of congress:

Then, once they had morphed into Moms Demand Action, the campaign was renamed Have a Heart and went heavy with the use of kids doing their little paper hearts telling people (with a smile on their faces) that they were scared…huh?

This is the time we are starting to see the use of babies in carriages. The All Ohio Rally brought us this image:

We will see this amplified later.

Next it was the “Paper Dolls, Steel Resolve.” More work with rounded point scissors and that had some has-been celebrities:

and the usual gun control politician like Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley:
 And of course kids because we are doing it for the Children!


No Joke, Moms Vote tapped int o the Street Artist vein by using chalk in what otherwise they themselves would call vandalism but it doesn’t apply to them ’cause the cause is righteous:

Stroller Jam was the next field exercise. Go=et your baby in a carriage with kid’s made signs and go bother a congrescritter at his/her office:

This one did not last long. Too much hassle to be trying to deliver their message, change & feed the baby and keep young Hillary quiet as she kept asking “Can we go home now?” over and over again.

For father’s day we were regaled with “Your Dad Has Gun Sense!” in which presented people (not just dads) with a paper cut-out of a tie. Really? A tie for Father’s Day? Cliche the hell much? I guess trying to make a cut out of an Old Spice bottle was too much.

Sen Bob Gordon with Moms Demand Action kiddos


with Congressman Van Hollen

And at least one upset Dad that did not get what he wanted:

“What? not even a gift certificate for the Waffle House? A paper tie?”


And then, we reach my favorite Moms Campaign: Moms Demand Action Lemonade Stands Across the Country. Nothing shows your resolve more than erecting  Lemonade Stands Against Gun Violence in the safest places you can find:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
Senator Harry Reid


Some of the stand were ….skimpy?

Philadelphia, PA

And you can tell the kids were all excited to be doing political crap rather than enjoying a summer of games:

Queens, NY

And even an Old School Stand was found…sans lemonade:

Hudson Valley, New York.


For the anniversary of Sandy Hook, they came up with Moms Will Not Be Silent with cute cut out bells.

Again, one of the Usual Suspects

And the kids…never fails:

It is kin of funny and sad at the same time that a Liberal group uses and “perpetuates” images and actions that they would generally eschew for being too conservative. If anything it tell us that they know they can’t use what they really think and feel because they are in the very small minority of the population and so off the charts nobody would pay attention to them even with the support of their new political husbands, Illegal Majors Against Guns A.K.A Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

It is my perception (although I could be wrong) that Moms Demand are not getting the traction they were getting just six months ago.  They will still get choice spots in the Six O’Clock news, but now only if the latest Hollywood scandal is not taking up much needed broadcast airwaves & ratings bonanza.

Moms Demand was never mainstream and if its members actually thought so, they were smelling way too much Elmer’s glue.

While we are at it, somebody please remove their safety scissors before they poke an eye out and somebody gets sued. or really, really upset.


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  1. And not a bit of that nonsense moves me to their side of the argument. Nothing here makes them look sensible at all. It’s all just emotional temper tantrums. And, really? Using little kids who haven’t got enough smarts yet to know what this is about? Despicable!

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