Moms embarrassing delivery at Staples HQ

Moms Staples Embarrasment

So Moms Demand took their 12,797 online signatures collected over 5 months to Staples HQ. ….let me rephrase that: Apparently only seven or eight members of Moms Demand Action were able to get together to deliver 12,797 online signatures collected over 5 months to Staples HQ.

The signatures were received by Staples security and the Moms were asked to leave.  I doubt they made it in the lobby of the building.

And when the crowd of onlookers is just the local media and they are about as half as the people you brought, you know you once again have failed miserably.

Not even a reporter on the scene. Just a cameraman playing a dual role. Sad.

I don’t want to say it just yet, but it sure seems that Moms is on a nose dive at Mach 10. Every day they seem more and more irrelevant and about to become a sad joke in the annals of Gun Control.  Coming under the wing of MAIG seems to have not being too prosperous and seem they got sent to the politically correct kitchen

My guess is that astroturf does not do well in Winter, right?

Hat Tip to Say Uncle.

3 Replies to “Moms embarrassing delivery at Staples HQ”

  1. With a social media reach of 200,000, one has to wonder how many ‘likes’ they paid for. They’ve got maybe a couple of hundred people between FB and Twitter that participate on their behalf by either posting on FB or retweeting their garbage.

  2. Look at all the news camera coverage…media bias anyone?

    Stop encouraging them by supporting their delusions of relavancy.

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