No expectation of even coverage….like we even care.

Rich T. sent me a link to a news item on the local Chicago ABC station. “covering” Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day but “balanced with Moms Demand Action.

Moms Igold 2014

“There is still quite the disparity in coverage. The four Moms got 1 minute 10 seconds air time in the news broadcast. That’s 17.5 seconds per person. There was only 34 seconds showing the march and speeches at IGOLD; that’s 0.0085 seconds per person assuming there were 4,000 people at the event.
Another way to look at it is four people received 60% of the airtime in the segment, 4,000 people received 20% of the available airtime. The missing 20% was a talking head (not David Byrne).
Rich “
And he is absolutely right.  We are always accused to have an infinite war chest provided by the military-industrial complex. ( I am still waiting for all that cash I am supposed to be getting for writing this blog) but apparently we are not too bright at buying air time with all that money.
However the Opposition has no problem getting an inordinate amount of free time on any news program (or printed article) while we get a token effort to appear balanced. That is magnified by several orders of magnitude when shows like 20/20 dedicate a whole show to their latest “Why guns are bad and you should help us ban them” effort in prime-time.
 This has been par for the course since I can remember and do not expect to change any time soon. And also makes our victories even more sweeter.

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