The Four Rules…not suggestions. (The Connersville Encore)

Connersville Police Chief David Counceller is making the interweb  rounds for his negligent discharge involving a drawstring. I am not gonna pontificate and say it would not happen to me because I never even thought about the darn drawstring to begin with, but it is what happens before the ND that shows Chief Counceller may have not been taking the Four Rule seriously enough.

The following pics show him manipulating a .380 semi automatic that apparently he wanted to purchase…..

Is that a finger inside the trigger guard?
Drawstring 1
Well tarnation! It is a finger inside the trigger guard!
Drawstring 2

Hey! Whiskey Tang Foxtrot, Dude!
Drawstring 3That is TWO MAJOR VIOLATIONS right there.

Here’s the video. I think that also his holster was not the best one, but I am having trouble with the picture definition. There is a definite cant towards the outside of the body.

Gun Safety: The moment we don’t respect it, it bites you in the ass. In his case, the leg.

Be safe people, be safe.


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  1. I just watched the entire news video the entire way through, and as a secondary thought, that was some awesomely even-keeled reporting on the issue! Pretty much the polar opposite of the hysterics we’re used to seeing.

    I mean for crying out loud they actually recommended to cut the drawstring adjuster off! Not the media’s usual don’t carry a gun. It isn’t April 1st yet is it?

  2. I’ve cut the drawstrings off of both jackets of mine that had them. One of the jackets was always trying to steal my pocket knife via its clip and the other one simply snagged on anything and everything it could.
    Those bastards were always conspiring against me. >:-(

  3. +1 to clockworkgremlin- this guys shot himself in the hand in ’99 according to the news story I read. Now he wants to pontificate about safety, because GLOCK and Drawstrings and It Could Happen to YOU! Sorry pal- you shot most of your credibility when you failed to learn from the first one. 2 injury nd’s from a person who is in a position of Police authority? Hopefully he has somebody else in charge of Firearms Training.

  4. Wolfman —

    But he does have a point about drawstrings and Glocks — KNOWN issue, has been known for years. Would you carry a cocked, unlocked Tokarev? No? Why not? The Glock’s “safety” is IDENTICAL — if the (effectively single action) trigger is pressed, gun goes boom, just like an unmodified TT33.

    The Glock “safety lever” and “Safe Action” are not any different than any single action pistol with the same trigger pull weight and NO external safety at all.

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