Five Guns I’ll Never Own

I’ve seen this meme going around and it is interesting. No particular order of dislike…

5) Chiappa Rhino
350px-Chiappa_Firearms_RHINOI don’t care how innovative, recoil-less or any other adjective you can give it: It is just plain ugly. If I had to use it in a defensive situation, I feel I would have to apologize to the criminal for adding insult to injury.

4) Smith & Wesson 500
sw 500Shot one once, it was not fun and I am not a recoil wuss. Other than “Ma! I have one!” I don’t see its usage for urban/suburban areas.

3) Mossberg Persuader
moss persuaderProbably too many bad movies and episodes of Miami Vice has set me against this one.

2) Tokarev
TokarevUgly, unbalanced & unfriendly which also defines the Soviets and the KGB.

1) French MAS Model 1936 
French MAS Model 1936This one was a toss up with the Enfield.  At the end, my francophobia won.


17 Replies to “Five Guns I’ll Never Own”

  1. I like my Tokarev. At least I did when 7.62 X 25 was $.10 a round. Once I adjusted to the horrid trigger, I found it to be quite accurate. I look at it as a trophy from the Cold War. How many Russians do you suppose own 1911s or ARs?

  2. The Chiappa Rhino is a bottom-fire .357 magnum revolver, and the grip feels more natural than anything else I’ve ever held.

    Also, the 6″ barrel looks a lot less stupid than the 2″ one you’ve got posted.

    I have a friend who owns a Tokarev. That’s all I’ve got on that.

  3. I don’t own any one of those, but I kind of like the Rhino. I own only one revolver, and it’s a .22LR. It just makes more sense to me to put the line of action closer to the hand to induce less torque in the recoil. Honestly, when I first understood why they were doing it that way, I wondered why nobody else hadn’t done it before. There are so few new ideas in firearms after all. Was this done in some obscure revolver a hundred years ago?

    1. It’s harder to get the hammer to strike the bottom chamber with sufficient force, without clipping through the shooter’s hand. That’s part of the reason the Rhino has so many internal parts.

      I’d eventually like to get a Rhino(which is bottom-fire), an MP412 Rex(top-break), and a working replica of the Magnum Revolver from Trigun in .357 or .44 magnum(bottom-fire, top-break. Ability to turn into an 8-foot-long wave-motion gun optional.)

  4. Picked up a Mossberg Persuader for a decent price. First thing to go was the pistol grip in favor of a stock/grip combo. Added a tac light on the forend, and now it’s my “WTF was that noise?” gun. I love mine, but I’m a sucker for Mossberg 500s.

  5. +1 Kevin K. My Mossy 590 came with the unlikely name of “Special Persuader”. Thank gawd their engineering dept is much better than their marketeers. The pistol grip has been permanently “stored in a safe place” (lost.)

    I’ll see your smooth Pretty Pony 870 and raise you an ergonomic and tough Mossy 5xx.

  6. Something that strikes me funny: We have very strong feeling about our preferences may it be a shotgun model, a caliber, tactics, score results, etc. We all have been in arguments with fellow shooters at ranges, restaurants and what-have-you and never the thought of “resolving the argument” with guns has ever crossed our minds.

    Yet the idiots in the Opposition apparently can’t come to an agreement among themselves without resorting to violence, real or implied.

    And we are the blood thirsty ones.

  7. Too true, Miggy. I’ve seen lots of the most passionate 1911 vs Glock arguments, with lots of raised voices and arm waving, held in the presence of alcohol, with firearms nearby, that universally resulted in nothing but broad smiles and backslapping,

    We’re all of the Fellowship of the Gun, after all,

    We do dearly love to tweak other choices. Part of the fun with our brothers and sisters. 🙂

    BTW: nice interview in the Polite Society Podcast

  8. I’d own a Chiappa, no problem. The .500, I’ve had .454 Casull’s and loved them, but between the $$$ for the firearm and $$$$$$.$$ for the ammunition, I don’t really have a desire for a pistol that apparently shoots precious metals. (I’d quite like a .460 XVR long barrel though…)

  9. Actually the Rhino is the only one I agree with. Put a stock on the 500 and it is serviceable. The X-frame could be useful to hunting guides. The Tok and MAS while ugly and unwieldy are at lease serviceable. The other 4 on my list would be.

    Desert Eagle to big and too much recoil for a defensive gun and I can get all the muzzle energy with half the weight in a revolver. Also most admired by D-bags and people that have no clue about firearms.

    FN FiveseveN. Only useful if being mugged by a chipmunk.

    AUG all the firepower of an AR in a package with a crappy trigger and useless for support side shooting as well as slower mag changes.

    Taurus Judge, able to shoot shotgun shells which have less penetration and muzzle energy than the .45 colt slugs that can be loaded in the gun but the gun weighs more and is larger to accommodate the sub par ammunition.

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