Floridians Still Likes Stand Your Ground. And apparently a lot.

Florida continues to back its “Stand Your Ground” law according to a poll from the University of North Florida (UNF) released on Monday.

The poll finds more than 60 percent of those surveyed support “Stand Your Ground” with 41 percent saying they strongly support it and 21 percent somewhat support it. Less than a quarter–22 percent–strongly oppose the law while 7 percent somewhat oppose it.

The poll of 507 registered voters in Florida was taken from March 6-March 16 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.35 percent.

via New poll shows Florida backs ‘Stand Your Ground’ law | Sunshine State News.

You think that with the volume of propaganda and political pressure brought to bear on the whole state, SYG would be as hated as stale guava pastries or long lines at DisneyWorld. Even in the state that some enjoy calling Floriduh! we understand that the idea of giving an attacker first dibs to our blood supply is a very stupid concept.


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