Moms want a Doctor trained in Cartoonland to be Surgeon General

I had already covered the idiocy of nominating Dr. Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General, but since today appears to be the day the Senate gets on the nomination thing, Shannon and Assorted wives of MAIG are raising hell.

Moms Demand Surgeon General


Nothing new here, but what caught my attention is one of the nuttier than usual comments in their Facebook page:

Dawn Herman Our doctors should have the right to know there are guns in are homes, just like they can ask about mental issues in the family.

Wait what? I must have missed that one in the Bill Of Rights.  The depth of idiocy running through the veins of these Moms is plain scary.  Just because they dress in a pretty white lab coat and have a Dr. prefixing their names does not give them the right to squat regarding my household or my family. And specially not a group that kill more people every year in the US than wars and just because they can’t seem to remember to wash their hands.

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  1. And I have the right to say to the nice man in a white coat “What, you think I’m crazy! Of course I don’t have any guns in my home!”

    Sadly, I wouldn’t even be lying, as I lost them all in a tragic boating accident yesterday.

  2. It’s looking like cartoon doc is either going to bite the dust, or obozo will pull his nomination until after the mid-terms. One of my Senators already wrote me back and assured me he would be voting not to confirm. Of course the other will vote to confirm because he has his head firmly buried up obozo’s ass.Since he’s retiring after this session, he has nothing to worry about.

  3. I like your closing opinion. I think that will be my retort to that question

    Dr: “Do you have any guns in your house?”

    Me: “Did you scrub to the elbows?”

    Dr: “What does that have to do with anything”

    Me: “Its about 100 times more likely that you will kill me with a hospital acquired infection than I shoot myself accidently.”

  4. Funny, I agree with the title that says, “Doctor patient relationship are about health, not politics.” EXACTLY. Do they not see the irony? Are they that tone deaf while they scream to inject politics?

    So why should physicians interject themselves into specifically asking about firearms if they are not also asking about knives, pills, rope and other instruments for suicide or bathtubs, stairs, ladders, cars, and more for the risk of accidents and other injuries?

    How about a dive into the crime victim risk profile of the patient? It may be that the patient is a lot safer being able to protect themselves from violent crime than the miniscule risk of firearms for the vast majority of people. Seriously, an object in about a third of the homes of America that only causes a handful of accidental deaths each year is deemed worthy to be the focus for a physician?

    1. What’s more, I also agree with the title itsef: Doctor-patient relationships should not be about politics, they should be about trust and the doctor keeping a patient’s best interests in mind.

      And from everything I’ve seen, mandates requiring a doctor to ask if a patient owns a gun are damaging to doctor-patient relationships. It proves the doctor doesn’t trust the patient. If your doctor doesn’t trust you, should you trust him?

      No. No, you should not. Do not go to a doctor that you can not trust.

  5. That was my thought exactly. “Doctor-patient relationships are about health, not politics.” So why are the Demanding Moms so anxious to forcefully inject – with a rusted syringe – politics into the relationship?

  6. Maybe this guy who i will call koomar because to be honest thats who he reminds me of keep comments to your self please. anyway maybe he’s thinking we’re going to murder children if we have guns in the house. but like someone else commented we can kill our children will rope a tub a flight of stairs so this stuff is really pointless.

  7. Well all good points, not the doctors business, the biggest threat such a nomination makes though would be classify guns as a public health risk. Tax dollars would begin to fund the crazy MOMS, advertizing by gun related industry could be strictly regulated and insurance company could charge more for gun owners.
    Falsely calling guns or gun crimes a health risk is a Trojan horse.

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