Apparently not a joke: Moms Demand to crash NRA’s Annual Meeting?

This just popped in their Facebook Page:

Moms Demand NRA annual Meeting


Shannon Watts has to be pissed. The NRA in her territory? She lives in Zionsville which is 18 miles from the Indiana Convention Center, so basically we are gonna be pissing the tulips in her backyard as far as she is concerned.

Now, I am sure they will seek some sort of confrontation because the media will have all the cameras on them while tens of thousands of attendees will be ignored. If you, lucky dog, is going to the Annual Meeting, I can only give this piece of advice as you walk by them:

smile and wave


Kill them with kindness…. it is hard to accept defeat but we must help them.

PS: I realized that they are not specific as why the gathering and the reply from the followers seem to indicate they are unaware of the NRA AM. Let’s see if Internet Tough Talk translates to presence in the street. Anyway, it shall be fun.

And if you are going, take pictures and share!

22 Replies to “Apparently not a joke: Moms Demand to crash NRA’s Annual Meeting?”

  1. I tend to think they are going to protest just because they like to do that kind of thing. However, this is a pretty common tactic to use even without the visible protest just because you can attract earned media simply for being in the same city. They already know the national press will be in town, and they figure they can piggy back off of that and appear in just about every story that mentions the NRA convention.

  2. We should provide them with free passes, so they could go inside and actually learn something about firearms to reduce their ignorance. Of course, they would never avail themselves of such a great opportunity because guns have cooties.

  3. Need to start an “office pool” on MDA turnout, 10×10 grid is fine, no need to worry about triple digits from the moms.

  4. many of the NRA attendees are ….MOM’s…..who have principles and common sense….but NEVER an agenda…just want to be able to protect their self and family members….imho

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