And even I go speechless at the order of Stupid Magnitude.


Martin Pitts rats in the brain pan


If you have problems reading the screen cap, here is the text:

Martin Pitts … 
Sick of the NRA and Gun fools blabbing to media then read this: 
Racist and sexist gamings of the system are the new lows for the NRA and gun fools. The 18th Century 2nd Amendment “Militias” of the US Constitution were vigilantes mainly for capturing and killing runaway slaves. Later in 1914 corporate hired “Militias” murdered protesters sleeping in tents at a mine in Ludlow, Colorado. One more thing: In May of 1970, a “Militia” of young men in Ohio National Guard Uniforms with shotguns and automatic pistols and M1 Rifles murdered four unarmed students and wounded nine others at Kent State University Ohio. Two of the murdered students were simply walking to class. 
Every time some doctrinaire gun fool quotes the 2nd Amendment remind them that they support killing runaway slaves and peaceful protesters and unarmed kids. 
The NRA and gun fools have changed America into the Gaza Strip. 
Arm every nut case and fake patriot. 
Give them an assault rifle. Give them a glock. Give them a grenade. 
Next the NRA will defend a citizen’s right to make IEDs or land mines. 
All this because of the NRA and gun fool sociopaths! 
Guns are pieces of metal and plastic that kill people. Guns do not have rights. 
Outlaw all deadly firearms now, before others are murdered for no reason. 
One Thing That May Help Stop the Murders: Put a chip in every gun sold so we can track where a gun is always. We do it for cell phones and dogs and cats and children and cars, why not guns? That may prevent some of the murders.



7 Replies to “And even I go speechless at the order of Stupid Magnitude.”

    1. There are some almost-certified lunatics that go on the Gun Control side that make Japete and Baldr seem rational. There is another one, some Tim I-forget-his-name that he alleges to have had a conversation with Jesus in L.A. and told him to open a Church with Gun Control theme.

  1. I’d like his reasoning as to why Martin Luther King Jr. was denied a firearm permit if the NRA is racist.

    If the NRA is sexist, I would inquire to him how a 120-pound woman… or even a 150-pound woman, is supposed to protect herself from a 250-pound unarmed assailant.

    MLK knew where the party lines were. He was murdered by Democrats so he wouldn’t be able to tell people.

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