Change the Meaning To Serve The Narrative.

Is it an effigy? Is it a “puppet”? Dude, when it’s a likeness of the governor being hoisted by a demonstrator in a minuteman uniform over a crowd of angry gun-toting protesters in the capital, the optics sort of overpower the semantics.

via Second Amendment Men Rally in New York Around Crazy Effigy of Cuomo.

And bricks are being “colonically ejected” because of this puppet depicting Governor Mario Cuomo as a marionette:
cuomo marionette

 A veteran brought a life-size Gov. Andrew Cuomo doll, portrayed as a puppet hanging from strings. The sign read, “I have $33 million in my war chest, you can’t touch me!” 
The Daily Gazette 

But according to Adam Weinstein,, it is not a puppet or a marionette but something much more somber: it is Cuomo hung in effigy! (Cue dramatic music.

See if you can tell the difference between this:

And this:
hung effigy

Take your time. I know the differences are subtle, but I am sure you can do it.


One Reply to “Change the Meaning To Serve The Narrative.”

  1. Subtle, my derriere! The doll is hung by different strings to the sticks overhead, not hanged by the neck with a hangman’s noose. The guy calling it an effigy is clearly trying to incite trouble. (Yes, my name is Captain Obvious, but it’s clear this knucklehead does not understand “obvious”.)

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