Moms Demand “Separate but Equal” to be reinstated in Florida.

Chryl Anderson, Florida Chapter Leader, Moms Demand Action

“Florida’s preemption law leaves our cities, counties and municipalities defenseless in protecting citizens from gun violence,” said Cheryl Anderson, the Florida chapter leader of moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “Gun laws that may be appropriate in rural areas, may not be appropriate in city neighborhoods.”
Local leaders take aim at preemption gun laws

It is always sad to see how quickly the Gun Control crowd goes to dismantle years of Civil Rights struggle and passion just because they are unable to deal with the real problems that may affect some areas.  Equal Protection Under The Law only works if it is equal for everybody and not selected according to the whims of some useless elected officials. To use the excuse that certain people in certain neighborhoods are not to be allowed their constitutional rights because, you know they are in a high crime area (wink, wink) is criminal and whomever supports this should be sent to the Everglades to pick wild berries at high noon.

Ms. Anderson managed to get only a few people to attend their press conference/protest in Tallahassee:

About 25 opponents of the legislation gathered outside the Capitol Wednesday and holding signs reading “Gun safety now” and “Demand action to end gun violence.”

Teachers have enough demands on their time and don’t want additional requirements that take time from instruction, said Chryl Anderson of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
Gun bill passes House committee.

Irrelevancy… thy name is Moms Demand. OK, Brady too.

Hat Tip to Sebastian.

5 Replies to “Moms Demand “Separate but Equal” to be reinstated in Florida.”

  1. “Florida’s preemption law leaves our cities, counties and municipalities defenseless in protecting citizens from gun violence.”

    You’d think from this comment that there aren’t any laws against assault, robbery, murder, etc. that the city can use to prosecute people who commit violent crimes.

    Of course, that’s not the point. They already have laws to allow prosecution of violent criminals. What the cities aren’t allowed to do with regard to guns is pass laws that criminalize gun-related behaviors that harm no one – which is what MDA and MAIG want to do.

  2. Gee, is my life worth less in a city versus the country? Why can I only defend myself with a firearm in a rural area? How can the Constitution be less appropriate in the big city? That’s their argument in a nutshell.

    Do they really believe this stuff? Of course not, it is only a means to incrementally disarm us and only my enemy wants me disarmed, so they can go “bleep” themselves.

    Everytime I hear one of these mental midgets express the idea that if we just outlawed or restricted certain firearms, their magazine capacity, or some cosmetic feature that we would have no crime and paradise on Earth, I want to shake some “common sense” into them. Their weak proposals have zero effect on criminals, but do a great job of violating my rights.

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