Your political laugh of the day: Jason Paul.

According to his Facebook page:

Jason Paul is a progressive Democrat running for State Representative in Connecticut’s 48th District, including the towns of Colchester, Mansfield, Lebanon, and Windham. He has been active in Connecticut Democratic politics for over a decade

And here is a pic of the candidate during the Connecticut Citizen Defense League sponsored pro-gun rights rally Saturday April 5, 2014… and a comment worth pure gold.

Jason Paul
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Mr. Williams wins the Interwebs 😀

PS: This post is dedicated to Sherrie.
Making Monday a Moms Demand-Free Day (Unless they screw up really really bad)

10 Replies to “Your political laugh of the day: Jason Paul.”

  1. The above Facebook commenter ‘Steve Williams’ needs to remember the dweeb in the pic labels himself a “Progressive”. Progressives don’t give a damn what the majority think. They believe they are above the majority, enlightened, and must determine what is good for the people to think and do, because we are all too stupid to make the correct “Progressive” decision. The sweater is priceless, bet he still lives with Mommie too. I remember kids in school dressed like him that got butts kicked for wearing clothes like that, and became little Fascist Progressives too.

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