7 Replies to “Gun Motivator of the Day: That Moment when you Realize.”

  1. If memory serves me correctly, this picture was taken in Rockville, MD, in the 40’s. The area was being hit by a series of burglaries, and the wives of the absent husbands serving in the war armed themselves. It’s amazing what’s happened to the people of state since.

  2. Grandmother K. (full blooded Prussian) carried Gramp’s straight razor in her purse for decades. Everyone expected her to go full Sweeney Todd on anyone attacking. Her Bingo club was robbed at gunpoint and she was PISSED that she wasn’t there. The sleepy little community she and Gramps bought into during the Great Depression had devolved into a barrio in her later years. The local warlords caution their members not to #### with the crazy old lady.

    Greatest Generation, indeed!

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