Because Gun Owners are a bunch of illiterate rednecks.

Anti Gunners have absolute faith in The Narrative. They won’t deviate or even consider for a second that there might be something wrong with it. It is like the Papal Infallibility taken to the extreme.

Case in point, one Kelly Maldonado. Found her in Twitter as she was engaged in a discussion with Pro Gun activists and apparently she did not like to lose.

Kelly Maldonado2Translation from top to bottom:

Kelly Maldonado “I cannot believe that they have nothing to talk about but me.” (Iffy Spanish grammar on her part, so I am guessing)

Kelly Maldonado “And now they are trying to make people believe that I said a thousand stupid things. Lying assholes” (which she did, maybe not that many)

Miguel: “There are more than one or two Spanish-speakers in the NRA you ignorant asshole.” (returning the favor)

Kelly Maldonado “What a gentleman you are. Insulting a woman. Sellout”

I did responded that she might be a woman but certainly not a lady… that should make her a wee bit more pissed.  And sellout is the preferred term for those minority activist to inflict on those who stray from the reservation/plantation/banana farm of the Liberal & Left Wing parties.

I love their devotion to The Narrative. We are dumb, uncultured, alcoholics, white, perverts, etc. And then, when we don’t fit their prejudiced profile, they lose it and reboot to the same programmed software repeating the cycle.

And just to rub it in:


OSSINEKE – Symphony violinist Eric Lawson has performed all over the world, practicing for decades to master the instrument and classical music by Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Haydn. At an Alpena shooting range, the 46-year-old is just as dedicated. At the sound of a buzzer, he recently removed a handgun from a holster under his jacket and shot two rounds into a target in 1.25 seconds.

“That’s a personal best,” said Lawson, who also is allowed by law to carry a concealed handgun.

“Firearms are not something you dabble with. You either become as expert as your time and capabilities allow or you don’t touch them,” he said.

Armed with a doctorate in violin, Lawson doesn’t come across as the type of person with a passion for handguns and self-defense.

But typical isn’t exactly typical in Northeast Michigan.

“People who choose to arm themselves are really very friendly, mild mannered, even tempered, polite very unlike the stereotypes people think of,” said Lawson, who also is an Alpena County commissioner.

via Personal protection – | News, Sports, Jobs, Michigan, Community Information – The Alpena News.


: the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time
: a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.

They hate that.  Oh…So…Much.

8 Replies to “Because Gun Owners are a bunch of illiterate rednecks.”

    1. still messing with her…still claiming victim status and now I have upped myself to “bully” for asking her where are the 2 million prosecutions for the Brady BG checks

      1. LOL — keep it up! maybe you can ask her if she’d mind if you start carrying a firearm… ’cause she is SO scary & you feel threatened… ;-D …am sorry I don’t have the time for that, it sounds like fun. baiting racists, yippeee!

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