Why I believe we are ready for secession from DC.

If nuke exploded in downtown DC, what should you do


A big (and I mean big) percentage of the comments run the gamut from “Good riddance” to discussing the menu and beverage of choice to watch the event.

Lots of people are just sick of the Feds.

10 Replies to “Why I believe we are ready for secession from DC.”

  1. That photo reminds me of the bomb drills when I was in grade school. They eventually morphed into tornado drills, the only difference being when you put your head between your knees you didn’t kiss your a$$ goodbye.

  2. Hmmm..I lot of people probably went with the “popcorn” option and their drinks of choice probably varied. Me/ I’d have to go with a couple cold brews and a bag of doritos. Or maybe a plate full of enchiladas, rice and beans….

  3. I’d mourn some friends and acquaintances and quite a few cultural treasures, then celebrate the end of quite a few monsters.

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